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blackburn led's upgrade


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I have a set of Blackburn lights which I use for nite riding.Is it possible to put other led's in to make them brighter.

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Flowta, do you know of anybody who would be able to do this for me? I'm guaranteed to stuff the lights up so I need someone who actually can do this type of thing properly!

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I should be able to help you, just need to put some time aside.


Where are you based? I work in town


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I'll see if I have some emitters lying around, else you'll have to get them yourself.

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Shjo okes... LEDs aren't just a light bulb you buy. They have different specs. Better specs cost better money.




Advice I can give... If you're replacing Cree LEDs you'll more than likely want to replace them with an LED with the same body... So XP-Whatever get replaced with an XP-Better whatever. or XRs with XRs and MCs with MCs.




XPG - R5bins are the berries at this point with ragards to efficiency. Yes there are more efficient Cree models out there, but the XPG R5's are easily available.


You could theoretically replace an XR with an XP but because the size of the die differ, it'll change the beam pattern from your lens/reflector.




The best prices on Cree LEDs is probably at www.cutter.com.au and shipping takes less than a week.


You might find cheaper rates at DX, but you'll wait at least 3 weeks for them.




Locally you can try Rabtron/Communica/RS Components. But they are a bit deer and tend not to have The ****(apparently that's what Lance calls "cool stuff")...




Rabtron however does have good prices on BuckPuck LED drives...MaxUmis2010-06-10 09:22:54

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I agree, you have to get the right LED for the job. I've used the Seoul p4s before and they work quite well. There are people who prefer Cree and then some who prefer Seoul.


I haven't built a light for awhile, so I'm not sure what the latest and greatest are.


The Seoul P7s are bright (basically 4 p4 emitters in one) but you need to have the power to drive them as well as the right heat sink to get the best out of them and not pop them.


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