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S O S !! My new MacBook and Polar Trainer does not play together...


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Fellow Riders,


Is there a way to make the Polar Trainer software work with a Mac OS?

Some tech that could help me, I hope.


Le'me know.



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Not sure of how much help this will be, but received the following in a Polar newsletter.


Mac Compatibility Now Available

The awaited Mac compatibility is now available. A range of Polar training computers that use DataLink and FlowLink® data transfer units now support Mac OS X. The users of these training computers can upload their training data to their online training diary at polarpersonaltrainer.com using both PC and Mac. Polar is proud to help the ever growing number of Mac users utilize their training computers to their fullest. All you need to do is to update the WebSync software application and plug your DataLink or FlowLink into the USB port.

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I use Parallels Desktop on my Macbook to run Windows XP - mainly for situations like these (Polar, Quickbooks and some other Windows Only apps). I'll have a look at the app which HSW's post refers to - maybe this now works natively on the Mac which means I won't have to open the nasty Windows app every time I need to synch my rides.


Let me know if you need any assistance - will try to help where possible!




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The world from the Apple shop is that


"Polar is in the process of developing software for Mac OS users..."



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