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  1. Try https://whereby.com/ been using it with our team for the last couple of days and seems to do the trick. Simple to setup, screen sharing actually works quite well. Up to 4 people is free, need a 9$ subscription for multiple "rooms" and up to 12 people per meeting. Not sure what the broken Seacom cable is going to do to all these services - timing of this sucks!
  2. Lynskey Ridgeline with wide drop bars and a set of Hope V-Twin brakes (Cable to hydraulic)... rides like a machine :-)
  3. Have a look at this talk by Frank Abagnale (Catch me if you can) - some really valuable information at the end about Credit Card vs Debit Cards - https://youtu.be/vsMydMDi3rI?t=2594
  4. Same frustrations with Skynet from Chainreaction that everyone else seems to be having... Finally got hold of them today so fingers crossed. Order shipped on the 5th of December... grrrrr
  5. Muddy water = Tastes better than Epic Pro and should leave you less bloated :-) On a serious note - Try PVM Octane. Tastes quite decent and seems to work - but with any of these supplements it comes down to personal preference!
  6. Agreed 100%. Citrusdal is like the F-word in my vocabulary. Seems like a large portion of the 2019 route is on well-developed trails, fewer km's on district and wide open gravel roads... perfect for the XC guys...
  7. Blur or Tallboy as most of the guys have said on the forum. I'm on my 4th Tallboy and have tried some other bikes... nothing comes close. RushSports' support has been fantastic since they've taken over from the previous importers. Find one. Ride one. Buy One!
  8. Also looking at a pair of these to convert my Lynskey Ridgeline to a gravel grinder / commuter... Any idea where I can get locally (yeah, let's hope)? Any suggestions for a cost-effective brake/gear lever setup. I have a Sram 1x11 on currently so it would be great if I only have to worry about the bars and levers at this stage. (XT Brakes - but full SRAM is probably an option?) PS. @Nathrix, I'm going to have nightmares about that Garmin setup for weeks to come!
  9. Ride both if you can. The one thing about Di2 that is appealing is the Syncro-shift (or whatever it is called). It basically means that the bike will handle the shifting of the front derailleur automatically - all from just one shifter.
  10. You can cut back on everything, but never, ever, cut back on the Gin!
  11. Sounds great - will definitely have to get some more info from you!
  12. Just had a quick look at some posts about the Cape Epic purchasing Wine2Whales and started thinking about the costs of stage racing... Here is a quick link to a Google spreadsheet if you're interested in adding to the list. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_wf5OJzbYdcxKS_nkgJhvfUm87flBt_SWsBtOPSVaBU/edit?usp=sharing This is not a post about whether it is cheap or expensive or the Rand vs Dollar debate - more about an actual comparison of what these races actually cost. (Entry fee, excluding any of your incidental extras like travel, mechanic packages, massage etc.) Here is a quick summary of what I have so far... Rand for Rand the Joberg2C still provides great value for a longer event in terms of costs per kilometre at a low R64,51 for 2018 (With free coffee and magnificent food) and the Cape Epic topping out on R113.83/km (with plastic cups for water). *Disclaimer: Rates are as accurate as my 2 minute Google Search provided. Accommodation and food is based on my own experience and rating (No, I don't 'bant' and I like steak, pasta and beer - probably too much!) PS> I would love to compare some of these with the costs of doing an international race like the Trans Portugal or Trans Alp!
  13. Not a single little blue pill? Sorry, can't help
  14. Thanks for the info. Yes, I have had an ICE ID on my arm for the best part of 4 years - I never take it off.
  15. Rohloff = 14spd. 0,001% of the maintenance. But the pricetag and weight is not too lekker!
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