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I'm sorry!


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While driving to fetch my indoor trainer from Chaunce yesterday I almost went through a red light, I lost my mind for a second!! Had a real blank moment!!


So, to the cyclist crossing CR Swart/Dale Lace on Beyers Naude yesterday who screamt "Wake Up!!" to me, I am really sorry!! And thanks for only saying wake up, I would personally have pulled out the 'french' dictionary if I was the one riding the bike!


I really don't know why I was just simply just going to drive into oncoming traffic, I was in a world of my own at that moment!

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that cyclist is defintely not a hubber... otherwise you would have seen a topic going like this 'to the *(&(&( MOTORIST that almost went throught a red robot'

i*^*()^*&_ you

your mother...

bla bla bla

thank goodness he isn't :P

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I was so embarrased when I started to retaliate and when I started saying the @#$%ing traffic light is... I realised it was red, egg on my face!

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That's right one second is all it takes and BOOM



Jip and then we would have had another RIP thread.

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