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to do or not to do



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  1. 1. is it cool to convert your road bike to full tt bike?

    • yes, acceptable.
    • are you out of your mind???

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for all the guys out there with style sense...


is it a big no no to convert a standard road frame to tt frame by putting tribars on it?? so no tri extensions, full on ritchey hammer head style of thing.

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I did it for years and i was very happy.on a full TT bike u feel a lot faster but at the end of 180km you may have gone 3-5 min faster.Is it worth the money spent on the bike.


Look at the guys in Germany for World long distance champs.The route is up out and down back not practical for a TT bike and now they buggered..


I want to see the guys shifting on bar end shifters in those mountains they going to wish they had STI's.

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The geometry of a tri bike is different so I would say it is a big no. My tri bike and road bike feel like night and day - the difference is that huge. Otherwise just put clip on bars on your road bike...

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