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Road Tubeless Tyres


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Hi Guys


I am interested in purchasing Hutchinson tubeless tyres for my road bike, they seem to be the only company making tubeless tyres for road bikes.

For some obscure reason CRC have been waiting for ages for stock, that started me thinking that there may be a problem with tubeless tyres for road bikes, why hasn't other manufacturers not started producing such tyres, there must be a massive market for it.


Does any of you have experience with such tyres? Don't want to make a expensive mistake..


I have Mavic Ksyrium ES wheels, think all Ksyrium wheels would be suitable for tubeless

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Tubeless tyres were firsty designed for running low pressure and as far as I am aware low pressure tyres are for mountain biking.


I think it is a total waste to run tubeless on a high pressure wheel it just

does not make sence to me.


It like having the best tubbies for the road and then putting slime in it

, that also just does not make sence.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Also a big hassle to fit. checkout you Tube for the demo.


Although Campag has started making 2way fit systems for alot of their wheels so maybe they know something we dont.

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