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Scott Twin Loc lever not engaging in lock out mode


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Hopefully someone has had the same issue and can make sense of my technical babble...

My Twin Loc has 3 settings. It works fine on the first setting (middle) but the lever won't engage in the lockout position. It feels like it just barely doesn't have enough travel to get to the last setting although I've loosened both the cables to it doesn't seem to be tension that's causing the issue. 
I had a similar issue a while back and my LBS managed to DIY a new 2mm pin onto the top release lever which seats into a 3 tiered groove holding the levers in place in each setting. That pin seems to have worn almost all the way through so I made another one which, from what I can tell, is straight and fits the way it is supposed to into the groove however this did not solve the problem. The pin just barely won't catch the last corner of the groove.     

Any suggestions other than 3k for new levers?

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6 minutes ago, Prince Albert Cycles said:

Cable too tight ?

According to OP bothe cables are loosened. 

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Is he /she sure the cables are loosened? Loosening means turning the barrel adjuster into the lock out lever body. If the pin is indeed broken I don’t think it’s worth fixing again as it will continue to break.


better solution is to fit a rock shox twistloc b1 (gen2) 3 position lever. 

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Hard to say without the problem in front of me, but in order of likelihood:

1. You've bent the lever. Crash damage, bike upside down for trailside repair, introduction of knee or other hard body part.

2. It's just worn out. Pin groove or bushing is knackered.

3. Initial cable tension assessment incorrect.

I've fixed many of these, but sometimes replacement is the only way.

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Appreciate the responses 👍
I'm pretty sure it's not the cables. If anything they would have been stretched and loosened over time but I have turned the barrel adjusters clockwise and loosened the grub screws on the fork/shock so there isn't much tension on them at all. 

I also don't think the lever is bent. No recent crashes and I think the lever is aluminum (?) so it would probably just snap before bending anyway.
I could see how a worn out pin groove would make the pin fail to stay seated in the lockout position but at the moment it seems as though the pin doesn't quite make it round that last notch in the groove to engage in the lockout position at all.    

These levers have probably done upwards of 18k km so I'm guessing something has just worn out but I'm not sure what. As I mentioned the original pin broke off, was replaced and I've just DIY'ed another one on but it hasn't solved the issue. 

There's surprisingly little info online about this problem and I'm sure there must be loads of people who have had the same issue. 🤷‍♂️

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5 hours ago, Croglet said:


I've had this issue a couple of times, I agree, 3k is a bit steep, I mean heck, you can get two seperate levers for less than a K. It's like @droo mentioned: most likely a worn unit.

Come to think of it, what happens if you take two pliers and bend the lever closer towards the teeth where it engages? I mean the unit is bust already :D

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Problem solved. 🙌😅
It was a combination of issues. The pin was almost worn all the way through so I MacGyver'ed a new one into the top lever. 
There was some play between the groove plate and the bottom lever that it's attached to so a new torx screw solved that and the back of the lever was just touching part of the brake lever bracket in the lockout position so I gave them a bit more space.  

Thanks for the help and suggestions, much appreciated. 👍

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