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Lost iphone at Groenkloof today.

Edwin Watson

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Hey guys


went to groenkloof today and had an awesome ride as usual but when I got back to my car I pulled out my iphone to turn the tracking off and put it on the roof of my car. I loaded up my bike and threw everything into the back of my car.


On the way home I started feeling weird because I had not got a phone call and then realised that I did not have my phone on me,that's when it hit me :( I had never put my phone in the car after loading my bike up. I was highly upset that I had lost my wonderful phone and after getting home tried to call it but it was off(You know what that means :( ) raced back to Groenies to go find it.


The Lady at the fountains gate said she had not seen it on the roof when I left so slowly drove down the road towards the Groenkloof gate,at the parks gate the man asked me why I was back and I told him I had lost my phone that I had to come look for it he then told me that a Lady found it :) and that she had handed it in to the office.


How awesome is that :) someone found and iphone and handed it in :) that's not something that happens everyday that's for sure! Apparently the lady was ether Horse riding or hiking and came across it and handed it in.


I toke her number down from the gate warden but I stupidly wrote it down wrong and am one number short, if any of you are going to groenkloof tomorrow for the try before you buy can you please try get her number for me and PM it to me her name is Nadia.If you can do that I would greatly appreciate it :)


Unfortunately my iphone will not turn on now obviously because it went flying off my roof :( but I am so happy that I found it :D Its so good to know that there are good people out there,I am so greatfull to Nadia for finding and handing my phone in I just wish I could phone her and tell her how greatfull I am.



PS: On my ride I came across a giraffe about 2 meters away from me and snapped a picture of it which I have got back because the Sport tracker I use uploads the pictures you take on the run/Ride/hike to your profile on the site so here the awesome animal is :)


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Ja, that feeling when you lose your phone is not a good one, hats off to the lady who returned it.

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Awesome. This should be the norm though - you find something, you hand it in. It's not yours. Great to see people coming around!! I hope you get it fixed.

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i think you should take her on a date...just tell the hubby/bf/SO to initiate ignore mode for a few hours.

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