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What would you do?


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So between my wife and I. neither of us is a morning person and thus we arrived in the parking lot of the Lost city MTB race on Sunday at 07:36. We got geared up and had a mad rush to the blue houses and were in the starting 50km pen by 07:48. Which meant we were flipping close to the back end.


Anyway, the race started and stright away I started working my way through the traffic as quikly as I could. At around about 10km, I caught up to a group that contained about 4 gents and 2 ladies. These would be the ladies that finshed 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 - not 100% sure.


After one exists the first tunnel underneath the road, a group of us missed the left turnoff. We kept going straight. We were about 7 that were standing around trying to figure out where to now, when the 2 ladies and there male "groupies" came blitzing past. I shouted at them that we were all on the wrong route but they either did not hear me or just plain ignored me.


I decided to track back all the way untill I find the right route again. Which I did. I lost a huge chunk of time and places but I kept my head down and the pistons pumping.


At around 35km I caught one of the ladies that was in the group I caught at 10km's...AGAIN...


Now, I know that they did not stop and turn around when I shouted at them so I have no idea where they rejoined the race. I also know that the rules state that one must rejoin the race in the same place one has left it.


This lady finshed top 3...


The question is: What would you do? Would you inform race officials or not?


Fact is - she and others, cheated. I am sure it was not their intention...But that is why we have rules. And rules are rules.


But what would you have done? Would you have gone back? And Would you have informed the officials?

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If they cheated and you could prove as such, then ja, I would report them. Why should others who put in the effort required required to win a race lose out because of cheats?

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I would first get all the facts or just mention it to the organisers so that they can get the facts.

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If you are very certain you know exactly who it was...

and that you are sure you caught the same person later in the race..

that you do not have any other witness...

that is was a substantial race ..i.e. prize money..

that there were other rides who were disadvantaged..

that this podium finisher has gained status,....

Then the only way to maintain your moral values,

to not sit and wonder what the right thing is to do,

and to get closure for the benefit of your soul,

is to black-mail that bitch.

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