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My Amazing Anti-Gravity Machine


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My friend Deon, who knows all that is worth knowing about mountain bikes, simply said: "Buy it! You'll never regret it." I did, and that's how I came to own the most amazing anti-gravity machine in the world. As an added bonus, I absolutely never regretted it for a single moment.


For those who care to know the details, it's a Giant Trance X with anodized gunmetal frame. It has Fox suspension front and back, a mixed Shimano XT, Race Face drivetrain, Avid Juicy brakes, DT Swiss hubs and Mavic rims. I added Kenda Nevegal tires and a longer Thompson seatpost.


Normal bicycles are meant for riding with both wheels on terra firma, not so this one. It wants to fly, wheely and jump at the slightest provocation. From my very first ride it simply felt right, like when you put on a really comfortable old pair of jeans. The balance was perfectly centered, it steered precisely, it kept a line exactly and the amazing suspensiom soaked up the terrain like I couldn't believe. It made riding down single track so much easier and more enjoyable that I quickly became more adventurous, riding more difficult lines and doing the smaller jumps. It also climbed well and made it possible to ride up single track that I never managed before. It only loathes tar of any kind and long boring dirt roads. Boulders, rocks, stones, gravel and sand it will devour for breakfast. Ruts, roots, steps, berms and rollers are all good for lunch. It will chomp jumps, drops, gaps and ramps for dinner. Truly, it is a bike tailor made for the awakening "just ride all of the mountain" movement that I have found myself part of these last few years.


Going up the hill, all that's needed to get it to defy gravity is fuel for the legs (an early morning cup of strong black coffee and a banana or two, energy drink if you want to do it all day long). Coming down the mountain, defying gravity only needs you to aim it, hang on and have faith! It will not allow you to become a victim of gravity as long as you can stick together, hold on and keep the wheels pointed more or less earthwards. Trouble is, when the two of you get separated, the anti-gravity effect stops working instantly and you come down to earth with a crash. (A broken arm brought that message home.)


On my own, I'm still struggling to at least learn how to land without some bleeding and pain.


Together we can fly!

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Hmmm- I substituted Giant Trance X with GT Marathon (my bike), and the rest of your write up sounded as if you were writing about my bike. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Sorry- couldn't resist that. Yours is truly an ode of love to your bike. Well done, and welcome to the Hub with a great 1st post.

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I lost my GT Marathon elite and replaced it with a trance x1.


I miss the gt but dont regret getting the giant. best fun I have had with my pants on.

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