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Bar end bolts... Where to get?


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Hello all,



In short - I have black KCNC bar-ends with gold 85mm bolts...

I want to get BLUE bolts now...


Where do I / can I buy KCNC aftermarket bolts to replace the gold ones?

I've had a look on CWC, but cannot see anything - apart from a RD bolts 2-pack?

Anyone know if these will work?


I'm down here in the Bos. Checked out Masons in Stellies - nada.

Anyone know of a nearby LBS stocking KCNC bits and pieces?



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What the?...


This post has been up since 14:42, and not a single reply?


Was it something I said? :blink:





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okay I'll give in B)


Post a picture of the gold bolt so we know what we are looking for, (us mere mortals don't ride kcnc) and stake thread type m4 m5 ect and the size of the allen key head in question.

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Thanks Hubbers!


I'll have a chat with the next few LBS's I stumble into, and if I get nothing... will be back!


Question: Anyone know if you get the Fox Electric Blue colour as a spraypaint? :P

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