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Single Speed - Chain Tension


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Perhaps someone can help me out?

Recently changed my jump bike set up to single speed (a good change in my mind). Fortunately the bike has horizontal drop outs with chain tugs. So after sorting out the spacers, new chain length etc I set about installing everything super precisely (my brand new back wheel has a bit of wobble already, which made it tricky, but that's another story). Anyway I got what I thought was the perect chain tension, the wheel appeared straight - good times! Bad news is that when I turn the pedal the chain tension varies through a single revolution. The tension is defnitely dependent on where the crank is in its revolution, so I'm guessing it's the front chain ring that's not perfectly round??

I've been riding it like this for the past couple weeks with no huge problems but I's prefer a constant chain tension.


Anybody else had this sort of issue? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

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Perfectly normal. Chain tension is set at the tightest point. I think it's due to production tolerances. Noticed it from the first bike I had to track bikes.

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Tighten the chain until you feel the friction. Then turn back slightly so that friction disappear. Similar than on a headset.

Almost impossible to get it 100% without chain tensioners fitted!

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