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24 hour cold symptoms


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Anyone come down with a sudden cold, sore throat, runny nose, congested sinus etc.


It feels like you gonna be bed ridden for weeks only to have it clear enough by mid morning to feel like you could actually ride again in the noon?


I was wondering because i am trying to follow my health more carefully and not over exert myself like i used to. Basically how long should one take off for such symptoms and how hard can you go when resuming riding again?


I think in the past i neglected these finer / subtle points ... to my detriment

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Sounds more like sinus - I'm on chronic medication for allergies and had those symptoms in the past.


But my Doc told me last week that a flu should clear up within 48hrs from the first signs. She also commended me on using a HRM and monitoring the abnormalities I noticed while cycling (with the flu).


Rule of thumb has always been if its in the throat, ride it out, if its in the chest, then rest it out.

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Happens to me often - I just then dose up on my blackseed, septogard and a multi vit for a few days just to make sure. I still go out training, but as stated if it is in the lungs you rest if it is in the head you can still train.

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