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Rattling / loose cluster


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Good day all,


I have a Shimano CS-HG61-9 11-34 cassette on my Merida TFS XC 800D. The bike was bought in April this year.


In the last week or so I've been hearing a "clucking" noise from the rear.


This morning I noticed that the cluster is loose. There is probably 3 - 5mm of play on it. Not sidedways, but front to back.


Any ideas on what could cause this and what to do?


The bike hasn't been serviced since I bought it and I've only done 290km.



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Does only your cluster move or does the free hub move with the cluster


I have had this twice in 14 000 km on my Ultegra groupset. Part of your service must be to check the torque on the cassette. When this happens, enjoy the walk home or call a friend.

Do you ride the bike on a trainer at all? From your post I would guess the shop or factory failed to assemble to specification.

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@ Surfer: Feels like just the cluster moving.


@ BMXER: Nope - never been on a trainer.


Think maybe I'll go and visit the shop later and book it in for a service.

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Agree with Reg, cassette needs to be removed to check that everything is ok and then put back properly and lock ring torqued....and away you go..

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