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  1. Why? A chain wears, replace with new as per the relevant measurements and you will get many miles on a single cassette. Using an old worn chain, to me is like pouring used engine oil into your car once you hit 100 000 km on the clock.
  2. 25 plus years of racing and hard training, I have never carried a pump only co2. Wife is always phone call away,😍
  3. New frame. Great excuse to upgrade ????
  4. Of all the full sus bikes I have owned none have creeked or squeeked. Maintenance is part of the bike ownership experience.
  5. Rockshox axs is a trick piece of technology. Works great but does come with a small weight penalty.
  6. Never tried mx alliance. I can highly recommend fc moto. German online store, live stock and fast dispatch.
  7. Xxi are a carbon crankset, if you hit it hard enough to ultimately destroy the pedal thread should you not be looking for a new crankset from the start?
  8. I took a damaged bell back to the store of purchase a few years ago in pietermaritzburg. Got hit by a car! The store got approval from the agents and I had a credit towards a new lid. I didn't have the receipt but had a relationship with the store. So yes, go and ask.
  9. That is a brilliant helmet design, go for it.
  10. I ride the rockshox axs dropper and the xx1 axs group, so always have a swop battery option to keep the derailleur moving. Same on the road front to back swop as the rear does more shifts. That been said the 20 hours is pretty real.
  11. I had an intense dislike for sram, used there parts under duress. Honest hatred! Rode shimano for 20 years, xtr, xt and dura ace. Moved to axs xx1 on my mtb, 30 days later sold my dura ace roadbike and now ride force axs. Trust me, I did a 180 turn to sram axs and won't go back to a cable. 1000km on a battery is not a plug in issue. It is life changing. Such evolution is like electric windows in your your car and v brakes on a mtb.
  12. Like donuts and cops, shims and creaking go great together. You can seperate them but they magically always seem to reunite. Shims are a workaround, not the goal.
  13. Selle italia saddles are a great choice, I currently riding the same saddle on my road and mtb - selle italia slr kit carbonio flow. Selle italia have recently redone their range so choosing the right saddle is a little more difficult. Also the "leather" has been enhanced, sadly the white has less longevity than before.
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