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HELP in deciding which MTB to buy


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Afternoon hubbers!


I'm a little stumped. I am looking to buy a mate a semi-decent 2nd hand MTB for a mate. Him and I are super close and I'm keen for him to start riding (as I spend a lot of my free time on the saddle).


Problem is I'm not too sure what to get him. As it's a gift and his first MTB I'm not too keen to head out and spend R6k for something he may not enjoy or want to upgrade later anyway.


Found two decent offers on the HUB that are still available:



Merida Matts 40 v: Got him down to R2300





Giant ATX: Down to R2000



Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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This is probably not the technical answer you are looking for but based on looks, I would rater be seen on the Merida :D

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Oh and he is one lucky mate to be getting a bike as a present - maybe I should send a link of this topic to all my mates so that they can see how you lead by example and then they can each contribute towards my new bike!

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The Giant is oooooold! Think a '97/'98 model. Have heard good things about them though. The Merida is my choice, but want to get a feel from more experienced riders and hubbers.


Hey, he is a mate, can't afford a bike at the moment. I want to share the awesomeness that is MTBing with the guy - hence a bike as a gift :)


Found this: https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/80482-silverback-nebraska/page__gopid__1153285#entry1153285


But quite steep for me to spend alone. May look at getting some "input" from other guys I know. Is that a decent price? Don't really know silverbacks

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