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Rubbish Bikes

Cameron Kenworthy

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Bought a bike from big boy:


REGION / AREA Pretoria / Pretoria

ADDRESS Shop 11, Six Fountains Lifestyle Centre Hans Strydom DriveSilverlakes

TEL (012) 809 4011

FAX (012) 809 4025



Nuts were loose that were suppose to be checked according to the warranty book.

They blamed Bog Boy Centurion cause they serviced my bike. Not their fault as I stood there watching them change the oil, had nothing to do with the faring screws that were loose or back sprocket that broke. As not one of the 4 nuts were torqued.


Head office says its my fault as I must check every nut and bolt on the bike every time before I ride. So they will not replace anything under the warranty. Its been almost a month and still no response from anyone with parts for the bike. These people sell cr@p people, DON'T buy these bikes or scooters!!! They fall apart while your riding, tires have no grip, chains stretch for nothing, and today my brakes locked up solid while riding. Suppose that is my fault to some how. I have also been stopped by 4 people asking me about the bike and the problems they are experiencing if I am experiencing the same.



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Dude, Chinese bicycles are good but never buy anything else from China that has wheels on it.


There is a reason they are so cheap, you get what you pay for.

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Wife bought a scooter from there a few months back - except for a few cases of stretching the truth a little - perhaps to make the sale - all is fine so far. Will now check extra carefully when it comes back from service - not that I should have to.

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Mate of mine bought a Big Boy scooter from Alfie Cox (PTN). Took it for it's 1st service and they knocked it off the lift! Scartched the k@k out of it. Took them months to get replacement parts. Bottom line, you get what you pay for. If is sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!

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