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  1. Biggest problem with all TV coverage is they don't show enough of the girls. I say 10% pros, 90% girls. There is nothing worth looking at when it comes to an 80 kg shaved legged, white socked , lycra clad twit doing a 'bunnyhop' over a root. Yay. Hot MTB girls, now we're talking
  2. if you have the cash, a pair of 661 EVO from CRC. Slightly cheaper, but a bit bulkier, 661 Kyle Strait. All knee pads are hot, it's the downside to not having smashed knees. Best solution is to only put them on when you've done all the hill climbing at Tokai and are ready to rip, or pull them down.
  3. INSANE story dude! Wow. Imagine escaping from a fast moving vehicle, smashing your face up on the tar, only to be maced in those wounds and cuffed by a cyclist! hahaha My guess is this fella would have likely died soon after from that fall out of the van. He'd have been severely concussed (judging from your description of him getting up and falling down etc), likely had severe internal injuries and bleeding as well.
  4. Eggzakkery. No entry means: finad another way back up, which there is, and it's clearly marked as such (aka: detour). Truth be told, I think this signage will be ignored. Maybe that's what defines "aggressive" trail riding? Still at least there are no excuses now. To Dawie above who reckons it will be burnt...ummm no, it won't. Tokai is a closed reserve pal. Plus there is PLENTY of firewood to zik if the need should arise, especially with the tree felling going on there at the mo. But nice try for a lekker stir. Back to your braai now.
  5. Wow! Great news. Thanks to Pain & gang for this.
  6. Hey Mj. 29'ers are nothing more than marketing hype and capitalisms way of paying staff. That said, this is what drives development as each year a new model needs to be made and sold, and in order for it to be new, it needs to have improvements over the old ones (just look at how far bikes have come in 10 years). By your logic we'd all be riding on 7 speed chains with v-brakes still. For my riding style, a 29er is not for me. For some it's been a great improvement, especially if you are over 6 foot tall. It makes sense for marathon and XC (some types at least). Ride what you ride and enjoy it. I doubt it will make you any faster, as I'm sure you are already so blisteringly fast that you have to scream people off the trails. Don't get the 29er as then there won't be enough time to order people to move Oh, and did we go to the moon? Last I checked it was an elaborate scam forced by the cold war, pulled off in a Hollywood soundstage. Read about the Van Allen belt much? Or seen this:
  7. Most of these "aggressive trail riders" just need knee pads. Save the armour for downhills, and even then, only if you are really going for it. Smaller is better. Also, check out the 661 EVO's. Those are classy and work really well for AM.
  8. Well, you get what you pay for. Considered renting some bikes to feel what a cool bike is like, and to see if you have the bug?
  9. Hey if you grab the 661's be sure to get the right size. DONT buy it too big as they'll slip down your legs. ps-I always smile when I read "aggressive trail riding". I get this image of a lycra clad bull on a bike snorting down the trail and grunting like a minotaur when there is a "passive trail rider" ahead
  10. thought so. **** ***** I'm done playing with the babies.
  11. Actually you do, since you pulled out your "I'm a graphic designer, so I know" card. Put your money where your mouth is. If you are as informed as you make out to be, then let's see some of your logo work. Link please.
  12. For me it's having less clutter in my house to deal with. Once I read an e-mag I file it away. I can search for things with finder. Magazines just collect dust.
  13. Err, ok. Hard to please are you? Millions would disagree with you there on some of those. So what? Post some links to your work then for critique. Or, better yet, let's see some of your Cape Epic logo ideas. Maybe Jupiter will offer you a job I looks *** to you. Your opinion is certainly valid, I'm still undecided. Wait and see how it feels after your mind has forgotten the old logo, and when we get to see it played out on merch, tents, stickers, screen etc. The old logo was rubbish. It looks like clip art from a Corel CD. It's junk. Decent point that. Agree that yellow fades. Time will tell.
  14. All of a sudden everyone here is a graphic designer. Although I do know a couple of art directors who ride the Epic. I'll be sure to ask for their educated opinions.
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