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  1. I got some of those from Bridge Cycles.
  2. Really enjoying your story Sam, not enough to enter the Munga, but enough to get motivated to ride my bike more.
  3. Thanks, I've still got the original fork so I'm sorted for that.
  4. I'll be following this thread with interest. I have an old Gary Fisher 26er which was my first MTB from 1995 and is now hanging in my garage. Don't have the heart to sell it. I'd like to convert it to 700c wheels (I've checked and they do fit) and drop bars to start. My problem it getting the brake calipers to fit the bigger wheels. I've seen extensions for the calipers mounts online but not sure how well they work. Looking for options and ideas.
  5. All ex world champs are entitled to wear the rainbow bands as a trim on their sleeves or collar once their "reign" is over.
  6. Hi, please tell me more about your bike. Is that an old 26 inch MTB that you've put 700c/29er wheels on? If so, how have you changed the brake calipers to fit? I have an old Gary Fisher 26er that I want to do the same to. Thanks
  7. And sommer adjusts something on his bars mid run 😳
  8. Great spot that! Spent a lot of time there over the years.
  9. Great to meet you too and thanks for the chat! You certainly took my mind off that climb.
  10. I've got the Stumpjumper and my wife's got the Spark. We both love our bikes. Each has their own slight differences over the other but are both very capable bikes. You cant really go wrong with either of them. Try and test ride each of them, even if it's just around the car park. One will just "feel" right, that's the one to go for. My 2 cents worth.
  11. This may sound obvious but have you checked your seatpost? Is the click still there if you stand and pedal?
  12. Great news! Really looking forward to it, whatever format it takes. Just as long as we can get out on our trusty old steeds in that incredible countryside.
  13. Yip, ordered some items in May. Said because of Covid that they would arrive in September (this was confirmed in the app). Got them last week...
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