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  1. Thanks for this! Will discovery accept the edited versions? I know they can be a pain in the butt ????
  2. And maybe you should GTFO with that comment
  3. Ok, thanks for the clarification about the lap button. It also happens if I adjust my goggles while pushing off (I get 2 laps instead of 1), so not technically a case of RTFM...
  4. But realistically, do I want to press buttons when I am focusing on my training?
  5. Hi guys, I recently got the 735xt and I absolutely love it (so don't try tell me to get the Fenix ????). I have noticed lap count inconsistencies when training in a pool. I have looked online and everyone else seems to have a problem with the Garmin missing laps. My watch does the opposite, it gives me extra laps. As awesome as that is, I would like to be able stop mentally counting my laps when I train. I have noticed that when I rest between sets, and adjust my cap for example, an extra 25m is added to my distance. Any ideas or suggestions for a fix?
  6. And the chemicals (Mr min and dishwashing liquid) will be fine on the paint work?
  7. Hey guys! My new bike is a beautiful white carbon matte finish. I have quickly learnt that the white picks up dirt and marks super easily - she needs a clean after every ride! What do you suggest I use to clean the marks off, without damaging the frame, or affecting the colour?
  8. I have heard that silver plasters work well to prevent scars. I have a feeling that they are expensive though
  9. I am going to sound like a real n00b now, but i really didn't know this! Thanks for the info
  10. ^^^ this!!! I truly thought I was the only one who experienced this. I have pretty much the exact same swimming background and experience. When I first got into the open water on race day, I didn't necessarily panic, but my muscles seized. I couldn't get a rhythm going and every time I breathed, I swallowed water. The waves and chaos then made me panic. I assume the best way to overcome this is to practice swimming in the open water. But I am a little weary of doing that after my last open water swim :/
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