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  1. I have been looking at my stats from my watch and would like to possibly increase speed and better my running style. Do any of you guys concentrate on your cadence and stride length? I battle to get my cadence over 165 and generally the faster I go the longer my stride. What should my stride length be based on my height of 1.86m?
  2. Does anyone know the total accent for the Cradle 21km tomorrow? I have checked on their website but it only has a route profile.
  3. Thanks for the offer, I did a hectic trail run today so it's going to take a couple days to recover.
  4. I am also in Howick with my road bike. I thought of riding up the Karkloof road to the dirt road. Is this a good route?
  5. I am doing the Sarens marathon this weekend, has anyone done this race before? I cant seem to find an accurate profile anywhere, I would like to see what the total accent is. Any advice on how to pace myself on this route for a pb would be appreciated.
  6. Just check the Nedbank runners guide where they rate all the races or chat to your club members on which are the easiest qualifiers.
  7. I have done the Pick n Pay marathon a couple times through Edenvale which is not too bad, I think the race is around the end of Jan beginning of Feb. To be honest I am not sure what the big deal is with people pushing to get one seeding better. I didn't think it made much of a difference on the up run with the wide start in Durban.
  8. I have bought a 910 and I have noticed that after pausing it during a workout after a certain amount of time a "Recovery Heart rate" notice pops up. Do any of you know what a good recovery heart rate should be after 2minutes?
  9. I am not sure if this has been discussed before, but are there any benefits of joining Triathlon SA? I am not trying to make any teams so am i correct that membership would not benefit me. I would also like to find out if a triathlon license applies to cycling and running or do you require different licenses for these separate disciplines as well?
  10. I see on the profile that the cycle starts at about 71m and climbs to 527m at the turn around point. What is the total accent for the route and how does the route compare in time with the 94.7? If i did a 3:30 for 94.7 what can I realistically expect at the 70.3?
  11. I had a big issue with all the guys drafting yesterday, i dont understand how people could blatantly cheat? Why not just do one loop on the cycle, that will help your time even more?
  12. I thought the race was pretty good. I have never been so hot in my life, although the ice cold sponges were great. My energy levels took a huge knock and i really battled on the run. All in all i had a good time and realised that i am hoplessly undertrained.
  13. So I take it that it will be slightly more difficult than the Joburg Tri?
  14. I have signed up to do the 11 Global triathlon at Sun City next month and need advice. What is the level of difficulty compared to the JHBCityTri olympic distance? I am not a good swimmer at all, I see that wetsuits are allowed unless the water temp is over 24.5. Would anyone not wear a wetsuit if they are allowed?
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