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  1. As I recall Cycle Tour withdrew their association from the mtb race somewhere around 2018, Dirtopia still organised a few but then around Covid times lost interest in organising mtb events all together. Argus mtb was a good example of the power of marketing & branding, just being associated with the cycle tour always brought in a guaranteed 1000+ entries, despite the route being crappy and unimaginative for most of its existence.
  2. Curious how this "Live Web Tracker" will work given "Estimated times will be provided on rider's current pace"? I mean current pace varies a lot over the course given where you are (big climbs like Chappies, Suikerbossie), direction & strength of the wind etc. Unless there is a serious complex algorithm in there I would not be surprised if that tracker is complete rubbish.
  3. I get both sides of the argument... Control the risks you can and all that. I daily commute to work by mtb so that I have the option to hop onto the pavement whenever I pick up the vibe that the road is too busy or risky for my liking. What I won't do is blame (or insinuate) a cyclist that was taken out by a road user riding recklessly/illegally for being irresponsible. I think it is a very unhelpful slippery slope to find ourselves on.
  4. Yes some roads are more risky, but I also see enough accidents (and had close calls) on "safe" roads with wide yellow lanes to not be under the illusion that us as cyclists are the cause of the problem by being on roads that "produce dangerous results". Again for me being critical of cyclists being on supposedly dangerous roads is victim blaming and framing of us as lesser road users, a slippery slope imo.
  5. I think if this goes to court then the person in the wrong lane and/or speeding will be the guilty party
  6. Finishtime basically bought over Racetec, so it is one combined company now. Think its very unlikely that your Racetec results will be deleted. From what I am seeing they still use the Racetec platform for seeding and entries, and the finishtime platform just for timing. (manually copying over results to the Racetec platform for seeding).
  7. No wonder I almost died trying to stay with the bunch in the neutral zone! Thought it was just me being off the pace
  8. With re to cycling on passes like Franschoek & Chappies I am with @DieselnDust I get uncomfortable when we reinforce the idea amongst ourselves that we are lesser road users that should avoid certain roads purely because by being there is asking for trouble. To a large extent you can apply that "rule" to any public road
  9. Liked the route for the most part, but agree, venue cannot handle more people and that gravel section will always be hugely unpopular. Maybe ok as a neutral zone to start off but not repeating it 3 times.
  10. Weird to me as well.... Cannot imagine how that holder thingie and timing board properly tied with a zip tie will just fall off 🤷‍♂️
  11. Seems like the seeding is still done on Racetec and its a manual process to move the data over from Finishtime? Possibly they will do it early next week in time for the Tour de PPA?
  12. Semi-joking.. But if I want to do a long ride from the northern suburbs I ride in a different direction. If I want to ride Chappies/Suikerbossie I park in town and ride from there. I don't miss the drag through the badlands at all.
  13. In your car and park in or near the waterfront, who wants to risk their bikes to cycle the boring bits through the flats anyway?....
  14. wow, did not even know you can go down that side from Beaverlac! I have done the rest of your loop without issues (from The Baths). The only bit where it was a bit tricky was at the bottom section (a bit after Baths where you turn left to meet up with the route you started on), it goes over private land and I took a few wrong turns (didn't have the benefit of GPS at the time) but still managed to cross without any major issues.
  15. Maybe share the route you want to take.... Are you planning to go through the mountains or standard roads?
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