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  1. Happy birthday Dale. Congrats on the big 5, wishing you many happy miles in the coming year
  2. I concede that you make a good point here - the organisers did not communicate well. Yes they did give the impression that no matter what something will be hosted. (Although personally I was never interested in Option C) But it is still hard for me to be really sympathetic towards people losing money on entry fees a year and a half into the pandemic. How long does this pandemic have to go on for people to figure out that events get cancelled all the time and often organisers don't refund the entry fee? If this is a priority to you pay attention to the terms and conditions or delay entering until you are sure the event will happen.
  3. Surely people miss-selling broken items as being in good condition and people re-selling bargains at higher prices are 2 completely different issues? I sure we can all agree that the first is wrong but its not the same as the latter.
  4. I like how you were not quite sure whether I was sarcastic or not, but still handed out the cyber smack just in case...
  5. Whatever your stance on lockdown I don't think you can really blame the organisers here, the 3rd wave is not going to be done in 14 days and there will be almost zero chance of them getting approval from authorities even if they try to host it. At this point we also all know the risks when we decide to enter events - (coming from someone who was clever enough not to enter yet but is likely going to lose his accommodation deposit)
  6. Because previously hubbers were forced to only read/discuss current affairs and topics like this didn't exist? 🤔 Agree 100% with aquaratza. Think admin can just pin his response at the top and close the thread for further comments.
  7. Other organisers I feel for are the Swartberg Gran Fondo ones, event would have been in April (which in hindsight would have worked perfectly fine), then in Feb they moved it forward to early August. Hindsight is 20/20 I guess
  8. Skubarra

    Ciao ciao

    Give that discord channel that Stretch set up for us a go, maybe not quite there yet but it has the potential to recreate the "discussions" community we had on here
  9. Skubarra

    Ciao ciao

    The Tinkerbell thread really touched me. What a courageous lady & sad story 😢
  10. All the best Savage, just great to hear that every now and then these %^** actually end up in court. Keep us posted
  11. Many years too late but finally finished Breaking Bad. Excellent. One of the very few series that just got better and better as the seasons progressed (glad I stuck with it because S1 & S2 bored me). Next golden oldie I missed out on back in the day to catch up on a toss-up between The Wire & Sopranos
  12. Seems they weren't after the bikes. Grabbed the cellphone and demanded money from the injured rider.
  13. As I mentioned, I think the problem with this stretch is that one might not be aware of how close you are to the squatter camp as it is a bit hidden away from view behind the N1. Also this road is narrow and quiet so much harder to avoid suspicious people loitering around or at least have the perception of security when there are lots of motorists around. Sadly I fully suspect more incidents in this area before the word spreads.
  14. Seems the same criminals struck again today. Again 3 males attacked 2 cyclists today on the same road (Waarburgh) using the same method (just with pangas added to the inventory), one of the cyclists is now in hospital recovering with a broken arm, luckily the other cyclist managed to scare them off with a pepper spray gun. This happened at about 11h00 this morning in broad daylight. I would advise strongly against riding this road unless you are part of a big group. The road is deceptively close to a squatter camp (its there across the N1 you just don't notice it) and almost no cars. Easy for criminals to wait & ambush cyclists passing through between Klapmuts & Northern suburbs. (Coming from someone who have literally rode this road 100's of times without incident but will avoid in future)
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