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  1. Hey guys, Today I went to pick up my bike from This Way Out and I was amazed how many cyclist I saw without helmets. Yeah, they are not in Tygerberg MTB Club or any other, but still... It is like riding a car without a safety belt. This one oke was driving on Fairtrees Rd (16:15) with medium traffic without a helmet. Best of all, he was driving an XTC Advanced 29er 2 LTD. Surely he can afford a helmet. There is also a dirt path which he could have followed instead of being on the road with cars flying by. I do not want to rant, but I am pretty stretch about wearing a helmet and will always be. No matter what the scenario. Heck, I even wear my helmet when visiting my friend in a residential area about 1km away. No Helmet No Ride
  2. Hi all, are the Cairbull helmets for sale on takealot any good? https://www.takealot.com/cairbull-alltrace-mtb-cycling-helmet/PLID65657399/reviews/1?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1PSDBhDbARIsAPeTqrcdgE2krUkdlcJPPsYZjdgidNxFFrDwsmgsLJAYikxLil95GnBItBwaAmccEALw_wcB&colour_variant=White&gclsrc=aw.ds&size=M Looking at a trail helmet with more coverage at the back, peak and looks cool (poser alert ) What other alternatives are there that are around the R1000 - R1500 mark? Thanks
  3. I'm looking to get feedback from people who have used the Leatt (formerly DBX) now MTB 3.0 Enduro full face helmet with the detachable chin bar in terms of comfort, durability (if you took a fall with it), airflow and how hot it gets in summer, I know a few years ago people had issues in terms of the clasps breaking off from the detachable chin bar? I have attached a link below to the 2021 version https://leatt.com/za/shop/mtb/protection/helmets/helmet-mtb-3-0-enduro-v21-sku-1021000640-W?selected-color=5440
  4. Debuted by the INEOS Grenadiers at Strade Bianche, the Wasabi features adjustable airflow channels and a moisture-wicking Merino wool lining - for every ride, whatever the conditions. Download attachment: wasabi2.jpg Click here to view the article
  5. Hi Guys So I'm looking for downhill helmets for my 2 boys. I was specifically looking at the O'neal helmets as they have those easy snap fasteners that work with magnets, and of course GM rides with them. These will be used for BMX racing. I'm just fed up with the heavy MX helmets that are available to us here in Jo'burg. My one boy currently rides with a 100% Aircraft but even these aren't available in SA anymore and he cracked his peak a couple weeks ago. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Mark
  6. I've just received a marketing mail from Cycle Lab which advises "Significant changes in temperature as well as lengthy exposure to UV light can degrade the EPS (expanded polystyrene), which is the core/shell of the modern cycling helmet. Some sunblocks contain substances that can erode EPS and sweat can also gradually wear into your helmet’s EPS and affect its structure. By replacing your helmet every three years, you are giving yourself both peace of mind as well as optimal protection." and then directs me to their range of helmets for sale. There is clearly some truth in these statements, such as the deterioration caused by exposure to UV. Some of the rest, like sweat affecting the EPS structure, is real scaremongering (hopefully not deliberate on Cycle Lab's part). Three years is a period only recommended by a handful of players in the industry, with most others advocating significantly longer periods. If you spend huge amounts of time on your bike, 3 years may well be a good yardstick, but for the vast majority a modern helmet will be good for several more years. Cycle Lab should, at the very least, ensure that the information they present is correct and not misleading. Frightening consumers into land-filling perfectly good helmets in the interests of selling more product is not something of which they should be proud.
  7. wernerhp

    Lumos Ultra

    I've been using a Lumos Helmetfor the over 4 years and can really recommend it. It's a innovative helmet with built in LED lighting including indicators! Check out their latest helmet, the Lumos Ultra, on Kickstarter.
  8. Its time to trade my 10 year old roadie helmet for a proper MTB version and I need some help deciding please. Usage include lots of trail riding, technical and downhill riding. On my short list is: 1. Uvex jakkyl hde, 2. Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro 3. Bell super 3s 4. Fox Flux 5. Fox Metah 6. Specialised Ambush The options with the removable chin guard is really useful, but would consider a helmet without that. I’m sure all of these brands and models are in the “difference-between-them-is-negligible” category when it comes to the important stuff – which is keeping my pip away from rocks. What is however important for me is: Proper fit which is obviously specific to my kop, and I do have a big kop so I will have to go and fit before buy. Massive airflow. I sweat a lot while riding and a cool head is a must. Have heard some rave about the flow in the Ambush, others complain the Bell is too hot. Some of these also feature a MIPS system, others not. How much of a marketing hype is this MIPS business, or is it vastly better that a traditional system Durability – any issues with any of these models? The adjustment mechanisms, straps, etc etc. Built quality – some helmets feel cheap, others feel expensive – like a car’s interior. Would love to hear your experiences on the above please (or if you have additional suggestions of course)
  9. Good morning all I took a bit of a tumble and damaged my helmet. Insurance paid out and now I'm in the market for a new MTB lid. My needs are as follow: Sufficient protection especially around the back of the head, decent ventilation and not completely horrible looking. I'm not a massive weight weeny but a light helmet will be enjoyed. At the moment I ride a 661 Recon, which I really like. So far I am considering getting the same 661 again, however I don't like the new shiny finish, or the Leatt DBX 3.0. Budget is R2k incl shipping. Price on the Recon is R1290.00 + shipping and on the Leatt R1990.00 incl shipping. Is there any other helmet I should consider? Kind regards L
  10. I have been toying with the idea of getting myself a pair of goggles for All mountain riding and possibly to be used with my half lid at the Enduro events. Had my first ride in the wet last weekend and boy! my face and shades was covered in SPLAT... Also, hitting 60km/hr on two occasions at enduro events, had my eyes watery behind the shades. Enough said, i think this is more than enough motivation to consider getting pimp'd with some awesome looking stuffs. Was roaming about and these tickled my fancy: Fox AIRSPC goggles 100% Accuri Von Zipper Bushwick XT These Three above are pretty much in the same price range. Performance wise... i cannot comment though. Keen to hear what you guys think... to goggles or not to goggles? haha better yet lets see yours!?!
  11. The KASK brand of helmets, as worn by Team Sky, is fast growing in popularity and I had the pleasure of donning three different models from the KASK stable over a number of weeks. Click here to view the article
  12. I am looking for the best place in Gauteng to by Specialized gear and accessories. It seems to be super pricey, isn't there an outlet store somewhere or is that wishful thinking...
  13. Just a quick question regarding the difference between the men's and women's Fox Flux helmets.... is there a difference between the two? Only thing that I can see are the colours?? I picked up a Women's Flux yesterday at the Fox Shop in Springfield Park that was marked at less 50%. It was a L/XL (My size) So I tried it on and it fitted perfectly (Better than my current Sweep) Mainly white with some blue on it with a black peak. I couldn't see any reason that it should be women's specific.... At that price I bought it.
  14. Hey Guys So I have an old Specialized MTB helmet that fits great and is going to be used for road use (for now). I want to start doing Enduro events here in the Western Cape and would like a helmet with more coverage. I tried on a Bell Stoker (my heads 59cm) in a Medium very strange fit compared to my helmet I have now and a Giro was very narrow i found. Cant find a Bell Super 2r Mips anywhere in CT to try on and have read the forum about stockists not thinking they would sell here. Does anyone here have one? Medium is 55-59cm and large 58-62cm. (Im 59cm) Would want a medium could always pay to post it back and swap online but trying to avoid that. Think Large will be like a fish bowl and don't like that top heavy sort of look. Would be great if I could try them on but cant. If anyone has one let me know how the MIPS ones fit? Maybe a similar style bell here in CT i could try for size? OR should I rather go for a helmet here I can try on? Have not done any Enduro events not sure if guys just all wear XC/ALL Mountain type helmets and not full face anyways. Reason I would like the full face is some added protection (even if not DHrated) as i start getting better and practicing more advanced routes.
  15. Hey Guys So I see TakeAlot sells Met helmets and I want to take advantage of my Multiply rewards discount to get either the Rivale or the Manta. Does anyone have either of these helmets? Would you be so kind as to give a little feedback on the helmets please? Also, what is the warranty/backup service like from Met? What is there crash replacement policy? Thank you Mopkop
  16. Time to get a new Helmet ...And was very happy with my black and white Fox Striker...not so happy with the new colour options from Fox... Orange .So looking at 661 recon Scout or Stryker...I'm sure i saw something on the forum but search not really giving anything useful . There is a R500 difference at Dialed bikes between the Scout and Stryker is it worth it ? Thanks
  17. Talking GREAT HELMETS that (according to Dick) all does the same thing, I sweat heavy, like rivers dripping straight down the centre of my face. Being completely bald don't really help with the dissipation either. So ... question is this. I've got a Giro Aeon and definitely cannot keep sweat from running down my face. Even using a sweat band only provide temporary aid. Anyone have an opinion on which helmet (make and model or design) deals best with keeping sweat out of your face?
  18. The women’s Propero 2 is a mid-range road helmet from the wizards at Specialized. It is a more economical version of the top of the range Prevail helmet, and shares many of the fundamental features - including styling based on the 4th Dimension Cooling System with the Maserati-esque front vent (referred to by Specialized as the Megamouth port) and the Tri-Fix web splitter system for comfortable and easy strap adjustments. Click here to view the article
  19. Hi Guys Just wondering if there is value in buying a second hand helmet. More about previously used ones (wear and tear) Cheers
  20. The Ambush marks Specialized’s entrance into the growing extended coverage trail and all-mountain helmet market. Such helmets are set the tough task of increasing protection whilst remaining light, comfortable, well ventilated and practical on the trail. Specialized have managed to tick all the boxes on their first attempt. Click here to view the article
  21. When I go into most bike shops it's seldom I will see a helmet that is not suited to the road or XC purposes. There's countless options of them out there. It's not often you see something with some rear and side support – more focused on the trail and all mountain side of things. I set out to see what I could find that is readily available in South Africa. This is Part 2 of our helmet shootout, focussing on trail lids. Click here to view the article
  22. Hi Folks, I came across the Livall helmet which has red LEDs on the back plus two other sets of yellow LEDs to indicate turning direction. I was wondering if anyone has seen and/or tried this helmet out? It also has some other features like Bluetooth connectivity for connecting to a phone and a device on which fits on the handlebars (control the indicator direction etc...). It seems that there is also a cadence sensor that can be connected up to the same kit. I thought it was pretty nifty and a bit different. The helmet would definitely would increase visibility on the road. Keen to hear your thoughts and comments! Here are a few links: http://www.cahebre.com/index.php/products/7-products http://www.cahebre.com/index.php/products/8-livall-p1-nano-cadence-sensor https://www.livall.com/en/products/bh60
  23. Fox MTB is excited to introduce the new Metah trail helmet. The first All Mountain/Enduro focused trail helmet in the line, the Metah features a deeper shell shape for increased coverage, a new Varizorb™ multi density EPS liner and superior airflow from our Big Bore venting system. Click here to view the article
  24. First Look Friday is an introduction to the products that we are currently testing for review. This week we're previewing the Fox Metah helmet, Specialized's Power Pro saddle, and the Stages SC3 indoor trainer. Click here to view the article
  25. So there I am this morning stopped outside Paul Roos Gymnasium in Stellenbosch having a quick chat to a friend I bumped into on my road ride back to Somerset West when two road cyclists rode past with the one guy not wearing a helmet. This guy seemed to be a seasoned cyclist judging by his bike and legs. Very soon after that I headed off and eventually caught and passed them on the R44. Helmetless guy had stopped and was waiting for his friend who was not as strong. They then overtook me. The reason for my rant is not only the fact that this guy was riding without a helmet, but also that he seemed to only want to ride on the right hand side of the yellow shoulder line. I don't understand why you'd want to do that given that there is a perfectly good shoulder on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Somerset West that is the width of a car. Also, much of this section of road has a 100 km/h limit and many motorists travel at speed. A couple of drivers gave this guy a "courtesy" hoot, I guess to prompt him to move a little to the left. His friend was then weaving back and forth across the yellow line trying to hang onto his wheel. I then passed them again when the friend's legs started giving in. I guess what I'm trying to say is: 1. Wear a helmet. 2. Don't ride like an idiot where you put yourself in danger and give cyclists a bad name. Share the roads and also be considerate towards other road users. 3. If you are going to take a friend for a ride, ride at their pace and try not ride them into the ground. Rant off.
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