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  1. "Sir Perci", he is a rescue Schnauzer (Salt and Pepper), was aparrantly depressed and not eating. Since ha has been with us he has bloomed into a stunning dog with two sister Schnauzers (Black girls) that absolutely adores him.
  2. This Is Shelley or Schnauzie rescue from the SPCA already at home and loves her buddies Schatzi and Lillee also Schnauzers.
  3. Single speeds laugh in the face of mud!!
  4. Go buy the exact same thing at Builders wharehouse (the screw in one with rubber coating) for about R30.00. I hang my bikes on these hooks and have been doing it for years without problems.
  5. Could not agree more why would you ever support a shop that keep on telling you its the distributors fault. If you cant keep stock on readily available basis you should not have a shop at all.
  6. Better not to train on your "weakdays" rather train when you are feeling stronger again
  7. Why would you cut your ride short because of a snake? Just let it move off and continue your ride
  8. Ha ha some hubbers will definately need the 29er version. Dikkes jy is myne!
  9. Ry julle in die vakansietyd ook, ok seker n stupid vraag he he. Ek is inPaternoster vir so twee weke so sal julle graag wil join vir n paar ritte as dit moontlik is. Thanks.
  10. And sometimes with all the happines there's sadness, I had to put down one of my doggits yesterday she was with us for 16 years feels like a part of my heart has been ripped out! Play in Peace Bella!!!
  11. Hanging medals and displaying them are like old Tannies showing of their creepy dolls, freaks me out. But that's just me
  12. Ok its that time of the year, well almost. Anyone in the abovementioned area that want's to do a few rides please give me a shout. boring riding alone all the time. Beers will be provided afterwards or during or before the ride whichever you prefer . I will be in the area from 21.12.2013 to the 10.01.2013. :nuke: See Ya!
  13. Thanks Meezo much appreciated.
  14. I have a brand new XO 3x10 crank and would like to convert to 2x10. I can get a 2x10 spider from an X9 crank (GXP), would I be able to fit it and then run it as a normal 2x10? Thanks GURUS!!!
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