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  1. This year will be very different. Usually aiming for a 14-16 hour finish - we had some personal nutrition and a spare bomb or two in all 3 boxes, lights in the CP3 box and warm clothes in CP4 box. 05.00 start time will have you start with lights and warm clothes so will hardly have a need for boxes except for personal nutrition etc.
  2. Apologies - very off topic, but my brain read the title as "Need help lost pub brawl". Must be the fatigue🙃
  3. Thanks Vettes, it was a hard ride. The wind assisted in some sections and we battled against it on others. Temps wise it was actually pleasant and did not get too hot or cold. Knees started to take serious strain from about 220km in and last 10km was torture - struggled to just turn the peddles. Huge respect to the riders who got caught in the rain the last couple of hours - must have been really miserable.
  4. Will most likely change a couple of times before the weekend... Would prefer not to get wet but that wind should assist us going back as Dogs said. Aiming for a 24 hour finish but could easily end up on 26+ with the lack of training the last month.
  5. Thank you very much. I can't recall seeing it here - might also be before 'the crash' so might be gone. Would be interesting to know - will see what I can find on the internet. Those little logo's are quite cool.
  6. Do any of you guys know the story regarding the naming of the bikes using the same letters? Madone Emonda Domane
  7. Will do thanks. Monitoring HR constantly and doc also insisted I come in for lung capacity test etc before I started again which was all good. My interval sessions are taking a back seat to work at the moment but will get to it. Another 4 hour planned for this weekend and will also probably ramp up from next week....slowly. Lekker oefen!
  8. Not good. Got COVID at the end of December and although a-symptomatic took time off from any exercise for two weeks and very slow for the two weeks after that. Only started with 4 hour rides last weekend and will build going forward. Must say that the motivation is lacking a bit... En jy Fanie?
  9. Thank you very much. We were originally entered for the Repeat and have not really paid attention to the process and still a bit undecided what we want to do...
  10. Do you know whether it is possible to transfer to a different event than what you were originally entered for?
  11. I wonder why Ecobound could not obtain the permits that were used by 36One and Munga where the riders were able to ride through the night as well as the supporters. Numbers? Geography? Probably no use in me wondering...
  12. I will be there for number 4. Have not been able to crack the 24 hours as yet(which will be like my gold medal). Yes, this year was tough. The first 6 hours of heat and wind almost broke me. Never really recovered from that and took all of 27 hours to get over the line.
  13. hboli4

    The Munga 2020

    I think it goes 'dof' after not updating for a certain time - he is as yet not under the 'Scratched' list. Might be resting indoors or something? Kieping for a couple of hours and then go long again.
  14. hboli4

    The Munga 2020

    Ai looks like Dirt Rider has stopped riding.
  15. Yoh that is very impressive. My 520 gave me about 14 hours when I got it about almost 5 years ago. Now down to about 7 hours if I'm lucky.
  16. Rainy Sunday called for something big and red...
  17. I received my last Springfield Wine Club box(es) for the year yesterday. What a selection and variety! Selected with the festive season in mind and true to form a special surprise wine. 2020 Life from Stone Sauvignon Blanc 2020 Miss Lucy(White Blend) 2018 Pinot Noir 2017 Wild Yeast Chardonnay 2014 Work of Time (Bordeaux Blend) 2004 Work of Time !!!!! No that is not a typo.
  18. hboli4

    The Munga 2020

    We were issued special permits for 36one a couple of weeks ago, they will probably have the same in place.
  19. I reckon most teams should be able to reach CP5 in daylight or at least some light. Even if you only start at 7.
  20. I can imagine - but been there and done that. Longest one for me was 22 hours on the Langsbaviaans - that year was rof. Apart from the weather the team dynamic is what makes it different every year. I have ridden with a different team every time.
  21. I'm also looking forward to these revised times - also remembering that things might still change and revert to the usual times. For us midpack to backmarkers(14 - 16 hours) getting to the top of Bergplaas in daylight is the goal with a real sense of achievement when getting it right, these times guarantees that and as others have said seeing parts of the route in daylight for the first time! Will be lucky number 13 for me...
  22. It was really tough for me. What puts in in perspective for me(a backmarker who was aiming for 24 hours) is that this route should be easier and quicker on any 'normal' day with just over 1200m or so LESS climbing than the route for the last couple of years. They were predicting times of 13 - 13.30 hours for the winner. The heat and wind over the first 100kms drained me and I never fully recovered from that. Limped home in just over 27 hours...
  23. Did not even consider the curfew...would have been quite interesting having an enforced 4 hour kiep by the side of the road....
  24. I know(and hope) it changes a bit - have you guys looked at the weather? Friday start on the hot side...
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