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  1. Review: BONTRAGER LINE ELITE DROPPER Easy to use... one button down, one button up...you can stop it at the preferred height.. had no issues at all with the Mechanism, I give the product ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ ๐ŸŒŸ The big question though - - - do I need one? Depends. Not everyone needs a dropper. If you're not going to really ride single track and if you're not keen of riding obstacles, you'll be just fine without one. Some people just want to go ride for general fitness. That's also just fine! If you like the feeling of the saddle between your legs when you stand or jump small jumps, and you're already great at cornering... you probably won't like the feeling when your seat dissappear! If you're like me however, and you want to ride faster, corner better, or go over obstacles and have more control - - then you NEEEEEED a dropper post. I've been riding with a dropper post for 30 days and all I can say is WOW! I was able to ride drops, jumps, corners, rocks and roots without it, BUT NOW.... I'm so much faster and in control. I can't wait to drop into the single track and play on my bike all the way to the bottom. STRAVA claims that I have on average 10% faster times on down hill sections, without pushing my limits. That's a lot! In an XC race with flow sections of approx 2 minutes per lap, I will save 12 seconds per lap x6 = 1 minute 12seconds in a race....with no extra effort. It might also enable me to do an A LINE, that I would have skipped without having a dropper and save more time per lap. In other words.. If you have a competitive streak, you'll most definitely benefit from having one! I find the biggest benefit is the confidence boost. I'm a careful rider, but I'm already jumping things and clearing gaps I previously struggled with. Rocks and drops definitely feel smaller and it feels as if I'm not bouncing around that much anymore. No more bruised thighs and injured ribs caused my my saddle. Can't wait for my next XCO race!! Thank you Trekza, Bontrager and Hells'end Stellenbosch! You've added safe speed to my riding and I love that ideaโค๏ธ
  2. Thanks. I would highly suggest it for marathons as well. Go test ride one. Thank you for the response.
  3. Trek Supercaliber 9.9 My SUPERCALIBER 9.9 came into my life during a crazy time!! After merely two rides on it, I had a road bike accident and had to stay off the bike for two months, to recover from a severe elbow injury. Initially I had to approach my riding VERY CAREFULLY. For quite a while I did not have the strength to lean on my right arm at all. Slowly but surely my strength increased and as I dared more, my SUPERCALIBER started showing off. Giving me the best "WELCOME BACK TO RIDING" I could ask for. Coming from a TREK TOP FUEL 9.9 (2019), I did not know what to expect from my new bike, I loved the Top Fuel and had a 100% podium record on it. First thing I noticed was that these two bikes had a completely different feel even if you just ride around your neighbourhood. 1. IT IS FAST! Notably faster! There is absolutely no loss of power when you step on the pedals, everything you put in gets rewarded. To take it a step further the dual lockout system makes this bike come to life! I just lock out my shocks on a smooth climb and WHALLAH, rocket mode "ON" ???? 2. IT HANDLES OBSTACLES LIKE A DUAL SUSPENSION. Because the SUPERCALIBER has less travel in the rear shock (coming from 100mm rear travel to the merely 60mm Isostrut system) , I was a bit sceptical when it came to obstacles. Would I be able to be confident over the rocks, drops and jumps and what it would feel like? What a revelation! When it comes to jumps, it floats like an airplane and landing it is really smooth. The slack head angle does an amazing job down drops, rocks and steep descents. Easy to steer and very reluctant to throw you over the bars if you keep to the rules of basic skills. 3. IT'S REALLY, REALLY LIGHT The weight of this bike is probably its biggest advantage. With race ready sealant in the wheels and pedals on, my bike weighed in on 9.4kg. In other words, it is a pleasure to climb to the top of the mountain. During testing it on various mountain passes, I've set PR's every time, even while I wasn't in top shape during my recovery period. In conclusion..... Every time I ride, I smile at the top and and the bottom of the mountain. The only down side of the SUPERCALIBER is that it is difficult to not talk about the riding pleasure during the ride and you can easily drive your mates crazy. Thus also the reason why I've decided to share my experience online. No one asked, and I'm not getting paid to say nice things. It's just my honest opinion. Suggestions--- A bicycle like the SUPERCALIBER is built for optimum speed and I would suggest that you make sure that your bike setup is done properly without compromising the way the bicycle is built. In my opinion the shock pressure and rebound should be precisely set according to factory suggestions in order to get the most out of it.... DON'T FORGET THAT TYRE PRESSURE PLAYS A BIG ROLE IN YOUR RIDING AND CORNERING EXPERIENCE. The SUPERCALIBER 9.9 is the perfect race bike for me, and if you keep to its design, you'll be going faster than ever before! Though it is a pricey bicycle, it's definitely a huge benefit as a race bike. If you're thinking of buying it for racing or enjoyment, your expectations will be met!!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/100014967721525/posts/683612328814352/?app=fbl
  5. I'm just an ambassador for a local bike shop. A fully sponsored bike would have been amazing. โ˜บ
  6. I've had my Top Fuel 9.9, 2019 now for three months, just long enough to experience the bike during racing, training and playing. I'm blown away by the capabilities of this racing machine. I've done two provincial marathon races on it, and one stage race, and managed to finish on the podium every time. I enjoy climbing, in my books a mountain bike MUST be able to climb comfortably and fast. I've experienced faster segment times on this bike going uphill. Probably because it is slightly under 10kg out of the box. It also has great traction because of the seat position over the rear wheel. The efficiency on rugged terrain when the rear shock is in use, is exactly what you need on technical climbs. I definitely experience better control and balance over rocky climbs, no need to unclip and put a foot out. The stiffness of the rear shock when locked out on the other hand, makes it fly on a smooth climbing surface. I believe the fast rolling of the carbon rims adds to uphill speed as well. I get the general feel of becoming part of the bike instead of just sitting on top of it. The TOP FUEL 9.9 impresses me the most when descending, whether it is over rocks, single track or open farm roads. I did not have extra skill training lessons, but it looks like it and feels like it. I'm much faster on any terrain and around corners. The big difference for me is the way my balance was instantly better when I got on the bike. The geometry of the bicycle "works" perfectly when it comes to weight distribution and stability. I've tested it numerous times on STRAVA, and every time with the same result. Even though I feel that I'm taking lesser risks and feeling smoother and maybe slower, I'm going MUCH faster. I love that idea!! I've also noticed that the TOP FUEL 9.9 loves flying!!! It definitely floats further through the air on jumps and lands very smoothly even though it only has100mm of shock suspension in front and rear. That being said, I haven't tried BIG downhill jumps and drops, just the ordinary you'd find on trails. Being able to ride downhill so much smoother had a fantastic effect on my confidence level which by itself makes me faster and safer on the trails. The TOP FUEL 9.9 has exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to ride to more podiums on it!!. Thank you BestBikes Durbanville for believing in me and taking hands with me in this incredible journey of getting faster and inspiring other women to do the same while we are having fun.
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