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  1. As mentioned, I have nothing against the brand. I enjoyed my epic very much, and was looking to get the latest model. I just value a good relationship with a LBS. I have read on the hub and heard many good things about other Specialized dealers. The unfortunate thing, they aren’t close to where I stay. For that reason alone I choose to go with another brand. Would it discourage me from buying another Specialized in future? If it’s from the LBS where I received bad service - probably. If it’s from another Specialized bike shop - probably not.
  2. Good to hear that there are still great service from some stores. What put the nail in the coffin for me, the last time I went to a Specialized store, I waiter around for some assistance. The guy sitting behind the counter, looked at me and continued to what he was busy with on the laptop. Not asking if I need assistance. I politely asked him for some assistance and he promptly replied, someone will assist me shortly. I left the store after waiting more than 10min. There were a total of 3 customers in the store when I was there. My girlfriend uses their insoles, amongst other components. Went back to the store 2 weeks ago to pick-up another pair of insoles, sadly the experience was largely the same. When I upgraded my bike, I sold the epic I had and went with another brand. Not saying their bikes are bad, the only reason I didn't buy another epic was due to the service received. I ride a lot and value a good relationship with a LBS - I regularly take my bike in for a service.
  3. Specialized service has gotten really bad over the past 2 years in my opinion. They are doing you a favour for shopping at their stores - at least that it's what it feels like. I have had similar experience regarding shoes, not Specialized, but Bontrager. Can honestly say, Bontrager adheres to their warranty and product promises. Bontrager exchanged them, no problem.
  4. @Lehane Thanks for the insight. Currently also considering moving to the Supercaliber, coming from the Top Fuel. I had both the 2019 and 2020 versions of the Top Fuel. The 2020 Top Fuel is a different kind of monster compared to the 2019 Top Fuel. It descends like crazy. It's a completely different bike. What types of trails to you ride mostly? Do you take part in any stage races? I have ridden the Supercaliber twice, and it's inline with my needs, but hard to tell from just two rides. Hoping you could give some insight on long term usage?
  5. @Darkhorse Wheels Beat me to the punch, @Sepia I was going to recommend having a look at the Darkhorse Bikes. Don't own one myself, but have only heard good things.
  6. Yeah they are. There is a small Canyon shop in Stellenbosch, if you'd like to test ride one as well. Buying one seems to be a task on its own, they are always out of stock, when you have bought one, you will wait for quite a while to get your bike, more than the estimated arrival time suggested by Canyon. (pre-covid experience).
  7. It is possible, you’ll need an headset reducer in order to make this work. The below product is sold out, but good starting point for the parts needed - https://bikemob.co.za/products/cannondaleheadsetconversiontotapered
  8. I have been using the Oakleys Flight Jacket and really like them. In terms of fogging, the Flight Jacket has the flip switch by the nose that pushes the glasses a little bit forward and prevent fogging, especially on climbs. The switch is a bit of a gimmick to be honest, but it does work I have used the Jawbreaker in the past, but the top of the glasses hit my helmet. With the Flight Jacket the glasses has no top rim, and does solve the issue I had with the Jawbreakers, whilst still providing the coverage I enjoyed with the Jawbreaker. For winter I use the Flight Jacket with a clear lens and in summer the prism lens.
  9. I believe your parcel will be shipped to your closest post office. To have packages delivered to your door, you need to use a courier, like FedEx.
  10. I ride bottelary a lot. About 4 times per week. It’s my go to loop. Majority of my week rides are alone. Either in the morning, or early afternoon, around 15:30. Weekends I generally ride with a group. When going alone in the week. I have never had any issues. I have on occasion come across farm workers, but they have always been friendly, some of the kids would ask for sweets
  11. I was told by one of these security shops where you can buy security cameras and all. That I need to buy the pepper spray that has a direct stream. The wind won’t affect it as much as the other type of pepper spray. Luckily I have never had to use it. Found it quite interesting that you get different spray ‘types’.
  12. I found the ciovita bib caused a lot of chaffing, especially on longer rides. I have heard good things from the corsa 2. Ciovita bibs I ridden with, Corsa 1 and apex. I can definitely relate to the seam issue mentioned. My one ciovita bib was completely destroyed after about a year of riding. All stitching around chamois came loose. Keen to hear how you find the corsa 2 after long term use
  13. My go to is Assos. I have tried a bunch of other brands and Assos just provides the best comfort. If you are looking for something a little cheaper Vye. I also have a Vye Velo bib, which I mostly use for indoor training no complaints. I have never really had a good experience with Ciovita bibs, I find them very uncomfortable. Some people rave about them, but they just don't work for me.
  14. I agree with all the above statements. Rather save and buy than finance. Given there can be a a lot of reasons you want to finance a bike that we don’t know. Seems most bike shops make use of https://www.yonda.co.za, I would checkout their site. They also have a loan calculator you can play around with. You can settle the loan amount with Yonda earlier, without paying a penalty. I have a mate who did this. Didn’t have the disposable income at the time to buy the bike, bought the bike through financing it, paid off the loan amount 3 months later.
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