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  1. Same here with iOS 15 and iPhone 11 (in both portrait and landscape).
  2. I like how the Lefty jettisons a useless tyre.
  3. I read this earlier this morning. Up tp the point where seller responded. My worthless 2c: Buyer – Simba – has been respectful and seemingly honest in his statements. Economical with details (most of is irrelevant in the earlier stages of the thread). Then Seller – Wade – responds with name-calling, accusations of collusion etc. Puerile. And that is amplified when Seller states money does not reflect in his account, but offers a refund. 😝 Seller does not sound like the sort of person I'd call a friend.
  4. I don't even notice sea kayaks on my roof (and they are VISIBLE from the wheel) when I pull into the garage. 😬
  5. I have an older Thule model. Works very well with soft luggage (can compress when you close the lid) and little loose bits. I think I paid R1500 for mine, but this was a decade or two ago. No idea what the cheaper ones are like. Would I buy one again: definitely.
  6. Frustrations: needing a spanner to tighten the whole contraption to the tow ball (then having to disassemble the whole thing because you need something in the boot. Needing a padlock to secure it. Service: haven't needed much but what I did (and this includes my roof racks and associated accessories) the Thule agents have always been happy and able to help me. Car access: you can easily with a pivot-out-the-way rack. I've had three bicycle racks in my life: a cheap that that strapped to the back of a hatchback like a backpack. It damaged the car, and likely would have damaged the bikes if I carried more than one. Next was a locally manufactured 2-bike towbar-mounted rack which was over-engineered, agricultural (<all of this I liked) and clumsy AF to use. Bought a Thule 3-bike platform rack a few years ago and it's cured my bike-rack envy. Don't ask me which Thule it is, but it folds flat for storage, clamps onto tow ball, locks with one key, has optional (torque-limited) frame clamp for carbon frame, *can easily get replacement keys for all locks (or new locks), and pivots to get the dog in an out the boot. I paid around R6500 for mine (new, a few years ago after haggling with dealer, but would happily have paid more for it).
  7. I probably shouldn't mention the two skips worth of Cannondale frames in a scrap yard a (good) few years ago. Frames all perfect fine except for 1 or 2 centimetres cut out of the seat or chain stays here and there. I think I paid R6 for 3 frames. Might've been R6.50.
  8. Anyone know what happened to Schurter? Cleat loose?
  9. tinmug


    Any idea of warranty on these two? "Holding up great" ... years? In wet conditions?
  10. tinmug


    That looks very good. Thank you for the recommendation. Flare RT for rear?
  11. tinmug


    Thanks. Ryder Marathon: one drawback with rechargeable is when the battery dies the entire device gets binned, but worth exploring at the price. How long have you had the device @DieselnDust? Use it in the rain much (only IPX4)? Garmin Varia: as with anything Garmin no doubt a well-made product. As with anything Garmin it's pricey ... and won't play with Wahoo. 😑 It just seems* like everything is good for only one season. What a waste of (mostly) non-recyclable plastic. 😟 * Haven't tried them all (yet).
  12. tinmug


    Any recommendations for a good quality and durable tail light (that survives off-tar riding and muddy/sandy/wet conditions)? 🙏
  13. Note on above: the clamp handle on the 2nd ad (slightly more expensive rack) works a bazillion times better than the you-will-need-to-carry-a-spanner setup of the older 3-bike Thule rack. Also the little clampy extension handles (again, on newer 2-bike Thule in 2nd ad) is much, much better than the hoops of the 3-bike rack. I've learned the hard way and if the choice was mine I'd cough up for the 5K 2-bike rack.
  14. Thule is a great choice: very well designed, spares available and very easy to use compared to some others. The trouble with hangers is that dual-suspension frames (or small frames) don't have horizontal top tubes, or have suspension that gets in the way. My advice would be get the rack you think you'll need in 5/10 years' time. Had a quick look at the classifieds and fount this: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/bike-racks/451377/thule-ride-on-3-bike-rack << that seems to be a very good price, and the cost of schlepping in halfway across the country is minor if you consider you will likely want to upgrade in the future anyway. Here's another: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/bike-racks/470413/thule-2-bike-platform-rack
  15. Chalk and cheese. With Thule you can change footpack when you buy a new car (and keep the bars + accessories). Or change the bar if you get a wider/narrower car. With Thule you get unrivalled quality. Thule provides a massive range of accessories. Everything is well thought through and well engineered (but not quite as good as next years' range ). Via the grapevine: a certain South African roof rack company – not saying it is specifically Holdfast – had the Thule distribution many years ago. They copied the Thule designs and made their own inferior versions thereof locally. When Thule found out they cancelled the agreement and passed the distribution rights to someone else. Not the sort of people I like supporting. *I've owned many bits from both companies, so in a reasonable position to compare. if your budget is an issues then maybe consider considering HF, only to reject your thoughts as madness and whip out the old credit card at your local Thule dealer.
  16. For those that don't know the two Sling frontmen, watch this: follow the links to parts 2 and 3.
  17. Thanks @KITTEDSA, I sincerely hope we get to see James and Mike do their usual thing on these frames.
  18. Have a 3-bike Thule rack. 3 bikes fit just fine. On my previous Holdfast rack I needed to adjust one set of gutters (or whatever the correct terminology ... the things that cradle the wheels) left, the other right to have handbags clear seats etc. The Thule is far more fluid in set up and the wheel ratchets can easily be adjust one way or the other to create adequate separation of the 2/3 bikes. I've been buying Thule stuff for over 20 years (roof racks, luggage box) and cannot imagine better designed and easier-to-use kit. Expensive as it is it last very well and is well designed and user friendly.
  19. Ask them who did the artwork for the poster and of you can ask graphic designer to print one more copy. Or, ask who has one and if you can get a high-res scan from it. This should be straightforward?
  20. I'm looking forward to the next instalment of this series. Read the WhatsApp messages (what was censored?). No, I do not believe Robert was unreasonable in the slightest way. He was courteous enough to draw Morné's attention to the discussion, where the man could have taken a golden opportunity to defend himself and his his fledgeling business. I know this: I will not have my bicycle serviced with anyone who broadcasts countless messages with zero care for structure and spelling (I get he is a second-language speaker, but FFS spell your own name right!). Robert, hope you come right.
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