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  1. Why is your ant+ dongle that you were using with the Powerbeam (it’s Cycleops, not Powerops fyi) not working with the Kickr...? I had a Powerbeam and I have a Hammer. The Powerbeam suffered a terminal power surge, and insurance bought me a lovely new Kickr 3. I use the same Ant+ dongle that I used with the ‘beam, and it transmits perfectly. The missus uses the Hammer and I use the Kickr. I’ve obviously ridden them back to back and must say I prefer the Kickr to the Hammer. The Kickr is certainly quieter. I recommend you “tune” your derailleur and lube your chain so that it runs smoother and with less noise. Nothing wrong with the SRAM cassette the Wahoo comes with (you need to buy a cassette for the Hammer, and a skewer too, both included with the Kickr, for the same price as a Hammer) Wahoo uses Bluetooth Smart, so if your laptop or desktop doesn’t have Bluetooth Smart, it won’t work. Your problems should definitely be solved with the ant+ dongle. Don’t worry about the other 2 wahoo apps, just use the Wahoo Fitness one. The app is specifically designed to be used with Wahoo’s products, so just use the wahoo spindown as he says. I only use the Rouvy/Cycleops software when I’m calibrating/doing a spindown on the Hammer. I won’t spin the Hammer down on the Kickr software and vice versa. Forget about the Zwift spindown. Use the correct tool for the job if you have it. Wahoo has a normal spindown, and then a factory spindown with a slightly longer method/protocol. The factory one is to be used the 1st time you take it out of the box. Use the normal one once every second week or so. And once a month run a factory one. It’s always a good thing to do if you want to maintain consistent calibration and thus data. I have a friend with a Kickr Snap 2 and she was calibrating it on Rouvy. She couldn’t ride 180 watts without the system almost completely locking up. I ran an advanced spindown on the Wahoo app, and Robert’s your father’s brother, problem solved. The agents (Sean from Ikhambi) for Wahoo are great. I had a small issue of a sensor sticker inside my flywheel lifting and catching on something, making a ticking sound. He offered to immediately warranty the entire unit. I said I had an idea on how to fix the issue without all that hassle, and the agent emailed me and checked up with me that I had sorted it myself as I had insisted on doing, or if I do want to send it back. I had it sorted and he told me that he’s made a note of my problem and should it ever reoccur, he’ll sort it out without question. That said, I’ve bought and owned many Cycleops products (powermeters on 4 bikes) and Dave from BPT is always super helpful whenever any type of issue has arisen.
  2. i'm having the same issue. My parcel arrived in SA on 26 Feb, and was sent to the incorrect post office (Heidelburg and my post office is in Alberton) on March 14. It was sent back to Witspos on March 19 and the last tracking available on it is on April 8 to say its at JHB INtl Mail Centre again. I go to my post office once a week and theyre always off line and cant do anything to help me find out whats going on. Very frustrating. I ordered some smaller items at the same time and they all arrived without any hitches.
  3. Didn't she retire 2 seasons ago too...?
  4. And Biogen is a Dischem brand. Aren't Dischem all about clean supplementation...?
  5. Baaisikilist


    I think "The Hammerhead" looks sick...!
  6. Yeah, the 700 points I did manage to get were from going to the gym, unfortunately, card swipes only get you so far. And thats because I'm a member at Virgin. What if I was not, like last month...?
  7. I have a question regarding the active rewards story. So, all the rewards (shoe boosters, watch boosters, gym boosters etc) are based on achieving a weekly goal of X amount of points, in order for the benefits to "pay out". I'm on the Endurance & High Performance scheme, so have a fixed points goal of 1200 per week. Most weeks I'm at almost 2000 points or more, (Some even over 3000 if I've run a marathon etc). Last week i had a bit of an ITB strain, and was only able to get 700 points, missing my goal. Now, surely the fact that one is generally surpassing the points goal by quite a margin on a weekly basis, should count for something, and in a week where you're injured or ill, some sort of leeway should be granted. So if my points goal is 4500 points a month (1200 x 4), and I'm off for a few days in one week, but I'm still close to 6000 or more points for the month, should i be penalized...? I understand it's "Weekly" goals, but surely if the billing runs monthly, then they could look at your points over the month...?
  8. Those of you who don't get it, won't...
  9. Myself and a mate share the KOM down that Bomber Downhill (I don't know how to say this, but I'm kind of a big deal). We averaged 52km/h for the segment, but hit a max of 77km/h. That tightish right hander needs a late entry and tight apex, and some confidence in your rubber. It has a hole right on the apex now, that messes with your mind, coz you cant see it till you're just about to drill it, flat out.
  10. I'm sure that initial 25% (If you have the Healthy gear card and have done the fitness assessment) is not 25% of the purchase price of the shoes. My 25% is on a maximum of R2000, so at max, i get R500 back. I looked into this when purchasing my Forerunner 735XT. And even then, i don't know how many times one can get 25% off of how many R2k purchases. ie, I'm not too clued up on how the billing cycle works.
  11. On the Shoe Booster story, if you want shoes that are more than R2000, do they still pay you back on the value of R2k, and you basically incur the additional cost...? Sportsmans must have a blind person choosing their colour options for them. I want Nike Vomero 12's (R2100 from them, sub 2k at Totalsports and many other places). SW only has them in a lovely avocado green colour. Who the hell buys avo green shoes...?! How about a simple black n white option...?
  12. That's Training Peaks. The ATL and CTL are "today", and the TSB is from the previous day. If that makes sense...
  13. I'm really hoping that with this more focused foray into the marathon crazy S.A market, there are plans to release an XC/Marathon oriented, steeper geometried full suss bike to rival the likes of the S-Works Epics etc. After the Tallboy 3 went a bit slacker now, I'm left wondering what to buy after my TB2, which I've done my best to get to be as sharp and "twitchy" as my Highball...
  14. Also, why does the race medical shed even have banned stuff to administer to competitors...? If your condition is bad enough to warrant requiring "the good stuff", then you should need to pull out of the race and declare requiring banned meds as the reason.
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