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  1. ET was a pr!ck - fact, but he knew that he and the rest of his AWB cronies were never ever going to have the ability or the firepower to make a difference in SA, and with little hope of going anywhere else, he tried to setup a white homeland where he could live out his beliefs - right or wrong. He was actually a non-event unless he fell of his horse....again. If you feel you can make a difference, go for it. In my opinion there are too few white, black, coloured, green, purple people in SA with the correct values to make a difference, barring some kind of Revolutionary event. Murder is murder, crime is crime, makes no difference who the target is. Blacks are probabaly less safe than whites in SA. Do your family a favour, leave SA if you can, not because you don't love your country or you are not willing to make a difference, but rather because you are a realist and Love your family more, and realise that who you are is not a relfection of where your from, or where you live.
  2. Thanks - Sorted Mate admitted that he was yanking the brakes with the wheel off... Next time he will get a klap with a spanner.
  3. A Mate of mine just bought a Scott Aspect 20 MTB. Everything pretty much set up except the Front Disc Caliper. (Shimano Deore B486) Him being a cycling newbie and me being a Roadie, I need some guidance as to how to space the pads to allow the rotor to fit correctly inbetween the pads and to ensure no rub. Currently the pads are pretty much closed and cannot fit over the rotor to allow the wheel to be fitted to the fork. I assume the pistons are forcing them shut. How do I open them up? There are 2 bolts and a pin. There is Mineral Oil and I guess the brakes been pre-bled.
  4. Jamm

    Jan Ulrich

    I was busy prepping my bike last week to start the race and a white Hummer came past trying to squeeze through the barriers. The door opens and there is old Jan with the driver trying to tell the Copper who Jan was, but the Copper was having none of it - "you are not going frew, I am the boss here" Eventually, the frame comes out the Hummer, which is a personalised Ulrich machine in white with gold bling cable housings and other bling items. Looks like he may have started his own bike company like LeMond? Shook his hand, felt the weight of his bike (pretty light) and went off to my chute for the start. He is still a legend in my books, and was very friendly also.
  5. Try Cycle Factory Store (CFS) in Montague Gardens - They stock Merida. Just around the corner from Canal Walk I think Willie or CWC might also, but the most Merida product I havse seen has been at CFS
  6. Was that Saturday morning near the Milnerton high school fields? We rode past just after it happened and it didn't look pretty. Hope he makes it through. Yes it was on Saturday morning, not sure of the exact location, but it was on that stretch of road. Velo and I went out with City Cycling Club also on that road on Saturday, so it must have been before or after we went out which was about 07H15.
  7. Used to, but not any more - too dangerous now
  8. Thanks for starting this thread, I was about to post some bad news myself with regards to an accident over the weekend, but as the two issues are related, its probably best to post here. The General Manager of City Lodge Grand West (Cape Town) was out cycling on the West Coast road near the Dolphin Beach Hotel when he collided with a car and was dragged along. The info I have is that it was a freak accident caused by a gust of very strong wind. He is in a very serious condition in the ICU at Milnerton Medi Clinic. Please take a moment to say a prayer for him and his family today. He is a very nice guy and was also voted the Best General Manager in the City Lodge Group. Be safe out there.
  9. Have not bought online from them yet, but from what I understand and from posts on the Hub, you will have to pay VAT, so you need to factor that into the overall costs. You will also pay extra for DHL shipping rather than standard or parcel force. And if you buy clothes or shoes or complete bikes there is a customs charge. Can someone confirm this please?
  10. But don't you have a Road Tandem also?
  11. So BigH, Are you going to kit out the tandem with a pair of Racing Speeds. We can then crown you the King of Tandem Bling. ooh, don't forget some of those Nokon/Ilink cable housings and a pair of white Bibs
  12. I also wanna get into a fight so that I can increase my number of posts and get a bottle of Whiskey out of it. Glenmorangie please!!! Have supported Probike and Chris in the past as well as Willie, Olympic, Cycle Factory, Cycles Direct. No online purchases yet. For services and small items I'll go LBS but for my next bike build It will propbabaly be a CWC/Chainreaction combo. And there was once again peace in the land and everyone lived happily ever after.......
  13. Jamm

    Kiss under 16?

    Doesn't the UK have the highest number of teen pregnancies in the World? That kissing law works really well....they skip the kissing and go straight for the es ee exx. I suppose if you going to cross the white line, urm I mean break the law, best you go the whole way and make it count
  14. Oh cr@p, get the popcorn in the microwave, this is getting really good now. What will Mr Els say, could it be the fault of the Debtors Clerk, or the Tooth Fairy for that matter. What excuse will be furnished? Stay tuned folks.....
  15. What I found very interesting was the comment on what you could be buying if you used an unauthorised 3rd Party - Something about "B" grade products. Now how would a "B" grade product find its way onto the market if Mavic controls production, serial numbers, distribution etc. Does the QA allow "B" grade products to roll off the production line destined for the consumer? Perhaps things are'nt as controlled as they pretend, which is why all the unoffical movement of products take place. The ad must surely be directed at places like CWC, to appease the new local distributor, Dragons. Anyway, would rather go for Eastons or Fulcrums when it comes to wheels.
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