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  1. On the weather...Is it safe to say that the predominant wind at around 8am to 11am, is from inland towards the sea, making a headwind out on the bike and tailwind back?
  2. Agreed. But with all the boodle they are making from the race it would be great to see them incorporate some kind of UCI rated race and in doing so attract overseas teams (the benefits are endless). Problem is that this costs (them, the organisers) money. Surely they could make it the last day of a stage race or slightly longer and then into a one day UCI race? Or start this UCI race after the (us) weekend riders have finished their (our) fun ride. There is the option of laps, just look around the world for ideas. Over the past 20 or so years of staging the 94.7 cycle event one would think that they have made so much cash that they would say thank you by taking this bold step? IMO Cycling SA should make this mandatory for someone pulling off an event of the magnitude of the 94.7 Cycle race. No brainer really. Further this is the real way to promote cycling from the bottom up...
  3. $$$ is what happened. These okes run a business not a bike race.
  4. Thanks for that. Am I right in saying that if a flight is booked and boosted before 12 July then the max of 100% can still be achieved (if the goals are met).
  5. Does anyone know the exact date when the flight booster will expire? The date when the ticket must be booked by. I can't seem to find the date anywhere. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know if you can use your iphone as a "device" to record a run for example, and qualify for the points? I can link the BT heart monitor to the phone. If so what app can be used? Thanks
  7. I understood that we have agreed to them "selling" our info to medical & related companies, and that's how they finance our smoothies. That's why they won't give access to this data as they don't own it.
  8. Thanks...So for someone paying R5k pm for medical aid & vitality (no savings) how much would the commission % then be?
  9. Anyone know how much monthly commission brokers receive from Discovery for a member +1 dependant?
  10. Had the same issue. I was told it would take another 3-5 working days (after their promised due date) due to the inter-bank payment delays It would seem that some of these payment obligations slipped thru the cracks and they needed a little nudge to authorise them....
  11. RIP Johann. Was a privilege to be accepted by you into the Prince Albert Dikwiel Kommando!
  12. Any reviews about the new Squirt SEAL sealant? https://www.bikehub.co.za/features/_/gear/gear-news/squirt-cycling-products-introduce-squirt-seal-tyre-sealant-r7558
  13. It will also bugger up the seedings.
  14. I will just use the Fenix and record separately. But if you don't have another device it may be worth trying Fit File Tools.com (cf Dexter Morgan, above) where you can change the device that generated the file. Presumably the amended file will then be acceptable to Vitality.
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