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  1. Hello All, Plastic bicycles just do not do it for me. Quality steel framed bicycles do not appear to be available in South Africa any more. What quality factory made steel frames are readily available in South Africa right now ?. Are there still any good bicycle frame makers left in South Africa ?, the name of "Gotty" Hansen springs to mind, (but then THAT was a long time ago) B) . In my view good steel frames are superior to the overpriced aluminium and plastic (sorry, carbon ) frames that are available today. Aluminium frames are a good second choice however. My choice of frame materials (in order) are:- Titanium Steel Aluminium Who else feels as I do ?. :D CIOCC are manufacturing the SAN Cristobal steel frames. One month lead time.
  2. This will do for me.....the SALSA Selma Ti SS
  3. Gel padding is so last centuary. Gel is used on certain handelbar tape and gloves maybe....not the most comfortable for use in shorts or bibs.
  4. I edited your post. Play nice! Slowbee
  5. Try and stick to the 50+ HM 1K carbon....in other words the more expensive, stonger carbon. Do stay away from the no name brands that use cheaper carbon. To be honest, stay away from carbon....there is nothing wrong with a high end alluminium frame. In fact, many are actually lighter than the entry level carbon frames.


    BTW, not all creditors were paid out...only the big boys. This allowed W&J to go their seperate ways and open two different stores. Shame on them.
  7. Selle San Marco Rolls or Regal or Concor......... Fizik does not come close.
  8. If you are bringing in just a frame, then ask the sender to post it via Poste Italiane. It costs about 120 Euro and once it enters our borders, UPS takes over. They are very good. You'll pay the VAT and a realease fee of about R100. I have brought in about 10 frames this way. Not sure whether PI can ship a complete bike, as its volumetric weight might exceed the permissable limit. PM me if you require more details.
  9. Take off them blinkers and don't be scared to look beyond the mass produced stuff. Like the SALSA Horsethief!
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