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  1. so who was the fastest MTB with nobbies.
  2. Going to do it on my MTB with knobbies.
  3. This is like the Cape Epic route. Just going around in circles all week.
  4. 98% of all these lights are the same Magichine's with different names on it. One dont get a Pyro LED or Extreme LED. Order direct from Dealextreme for $50, thats now with a 3 week waiting for delivery.
  5. You dont get a Pyro LED. All these lights are Magicshines with its own branding (naming)
  6. Magicshine ........... and more. All the same. Different names and branding.
  7. Whats up with all the woman with tatoos. There is nothing more ugly than a woman with a tatoo and one that smoke.
  8. What will be the best way to bleed SLX breaks since they feel very weak.
  9. What your people still dont get is that all these lights, Magicshine, magiclight, whatever are all cheap nasty copies of the Tesla. Then you get the copy of the copy of the copy and so on. http://reviews.mtbr.com/lupine-tesla-4
  10. A Catholic, a Potestant, a Muslim and a Jew were in a discussion during a dinner. Catholic: “I have a large fortune....I am going to buy Citibank!” Protestant: “I am very wealthy and will buy General Motors!” Muslim: “I am a fabulously rich prince.... I intend to purchase Microsoft!” They then all wait for the Jew to speak.... The Jew stirs his coffee, places the spoon neatly on the table, takes a sip of his coffee, looks at them and casually says: “I'm not selling!!!...”
  11. A nun, badly needing to use to the restroom, walked into a local Hooters. The place was hopping with music and loud conversation and every once in a while 'the lights would turn off.' Each time the lights would go out, the place would erupt into cheers. However, when the revelers saw the nun,the room went dead silent. She walked up to the bartender, and asked, 'May I please use the restroom? The bartender replied, 'OK, but I should warn you that there is a statue of a naked man in there wearing only a fig leaf.' 'Well, in that case, I'll just look the other way,' said the nun. So the bartender showed the nun to the back of the restaurant. After a few minutes, she came back out, and the whole place stopped just long enough to give the nun a loud round of applause. She went to the bartender and said, 'Sir, I don't understand. Why did they applaud for me just because I went to the restroom?' 'Well, now they know you're one of us,' said the bartender, 'Would you like a drink?' 'No thank you, but, I still don't understand,' said the puzzled nun. 'You see,' laughed the bartender, 'every time someone lifts the fig leaf on that statue, the lights go out. Now, how about that drink?
  12. Saw that on Top Billing last night, btw, Top Billing sucks these days. My question is, where does his friend gets his millions. Like malema said, they look out for each other, his friend business is property development, do I smell tender corruption?
  13. Lyk vir meer soos n advertensie wat hy plaas, hy dink seker dis n gayting, aag sorry, dating site die.
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