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  1. Seems like it will be a massive undertaking to test close to 12 000 people and I’m not sure how runners will be kept covid compliant at water tables but hopefully they can get it done. I am really hoping it goes ahead - it will be awesome to run a race again surrounded by people.
  2. Hi chaps. Can anyone recommend a good sports massage therapist in the Johannesburg South area? I typically go to Sports Science in CT but I’m in Joburg for a couple weeks for work.
  3. Anyone know if the running thread was also culled? It was under multi-sport which I now see is just all the previous chit chat threads so I can’t seem to find it. if it is gone does anyone have any other suggestions for a platform to discuss all things running related?
  4. Hey B-rad, do you have a pair and what sort of distance have they done? I'm finding mine super comfortable and I am tempted to use them on my LSD runs - I'm just not sure what sort of mileage I can expect out of them and don't want to waste them if they only good for a couple 300/400km
  5. Check the Saucony Endorphin Speeds out - I got a pair last week and can already comfortably say they are my favourite shoe in my current rotation, which includes a pair of Zoom Flys, Vaporflys and Pegasus. I'm really hoping they last as they are on the pricey side and I don't see myself not getting another pair when these are retired!
  6. These are also my favourite training shoes Nike has ever made. My current ones are on 850km - they still feel alright although they not as comfortable or as springy as they once were, I reckon I’ll squeeze another couple hundred km out of them. I picked them up from the Nike Factory store for R800. Whenever I’m near the store I pop in and look for a pair, unfortunately I haven’t seen anything for over a year.
  7. I’m not at all trying to be divisive and agree technology causes advances Which are inherently good, as mentioned carbon plated shoes and GPS watches have done the same thing and caused the same debate. I’m just interested to hear everyone’s opinions on the whole technology debacle and where they think the line is drawn with regards where it becomes the athlete or the shoes. For example I’m not a particularly talented runner and got myself a pair of Nike Vaporflys to see what all the hype was about. The following weekend I ran a 5 minute PB for a half marathon and didn’t feel any fitter or faster than previous runs. Maybe it was the placebo effect or maybe it was the shoes but I tend towards saying the shoes were the reason I ran faster not my own ability.
  8. No doubt Joshua Cheptegei is going to be one the greatest distance runners and not to take away anything from his effort but I don’t agree with having the lights alongside the track pacing the runners. It completely takes away the individual runners skill to pace himself and must make their life far easier. Where do we draw the line to say a record was broken by an athletes ability as opposed to advances in technology? Edit: to me this is similar to Eliud Kipchoge’s 1:59 where it was not considered an official record due to amongst other things having pacers switching out and a lead pace car so he could be perfectly paced for the entire effort. Why should the pace lights be any different?
  9. I forgot to check if was inclusive of sales tax. It’s good to see they as expensive in Europe as they are in SA, it will make me feel a bit better if I do buy them.
  10. I was hoping they would be a bit cheaper, especially the speed with is going for 3.5k. In the US the Speeds are $160 which is around R2800 even with our wonderful exchange rate.
  11. Thanks Shaper. Hopefully they in stores quite soon as I can’t bring myself to buy any pair of shoes before trying them.
  12. Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can get a pair of Nike Zoom Fly 3’s or flyknits in Johannesburg? My current pair of flyknits are nearing the end of their life and I’m having no luck finding another pair at the Nike Factory store, sweat shop or sportsmans warehouse.
  13. Thanks Patches, I based my assumption that the Yamahas were cheaper based on the 2 strokes. Which would make sense because the Yamaha 2 strokes still have 2006 tech in them. ????
  14. Yip as I understand it that will be the price of the bike in stock trim. I have chatted to a KTM dealer regarding their pricing and have heard why KTM is so competitively priced in SA. Apparently the SA market is very important to KTM as we produce high quality off-road riders and in general the riding conditions are tough on the bike. So if KTM has the market share in the South African market the bike is seeing as being built strong. That being said despite KTM's being competitively priced, the offroad Yamahas are generally cheaper than the equivalent KTM...so why is the T700 less competitively priced than the rest of the Yamaha range?
  15. I saw today Yamaha South Africa said the T7 will be around the 200k mark. That from a bike described as “a big dirt bike” I think they’ve well out-priced themselves with this one considering you can get a KTM790 Adventure R at that price point. I think it could have been a great bike in the South African market if it was priced correctly.
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