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  1. are those the green onese? why are you selling them
  2. Currently on a Selle San Marco Zoncolan team edition, want to change to the Token X-Wing
  3. SA Road Champs, 4-9 Feb http://www.cyclingsa...px?uid=10&fid=9
  4. any further comments on the suplest road shoes? also what is the sizing like compared to shimano's?
  5. am looking forward to next years miles to nowhere. I see that the voting is going well, lets keep it going
  6. Come on guys lets help this young lady, she has been doing fabulous work for the Choc foundation.
  7. i would use the GNLD nutrishake or Meal replacement.
  8. I bought the quarq spider and had it fitted to my hollowgram crankset. cost was about 14k. and i kept my joule 2.0 head unit.
  9. the official agent for this is Bruce Diesel, i have contact details if you require.
  10. what are the chances that the road will be fixed before the tour?
  11. i agree with your comments. the organizers were also aware of how hot it was going to be, there should have been more water and ice. i also think that there should have been a water point at the turn on the bike.
  12. condolences to family and friends. may she rest in peace
  13. Your age - 27 Your sex - Male You discipline/sport – Road/Triathlon Province and City - Durban Monthly fee – R500 What you get – Consultations when needed as well as a weekly training program based on power and running and swimming requirements. Did you sign a contract - No How often your program gets sent to you, monthly, weekly - Weekly How many days a week you spend with your coach - Zero How often your bike setup and techniques are checked - Never How often you perform testing – 8-12 Weeks Do you receive technical advice regarding equipment and do you feel it is accurate – Yes and Yes Do you receive mental training - No
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