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  1. Hi guys thanks for all the help, I have managed to get one here in Durban and will be able to put the new one on. But then would it be a bent derailleur that would cause the chain to keep jumping off the jockey wheel or is there something else that causes that ? My derailleur hanger was bent during this race so I will need to straighten it at the LBS but after that, should that stop the chain jumping ?
  2. Howzit guys im in need of some help here, my bike is currently a 2x10 shimano xt setup. My chain keeps jumping off my jockey wheel even though I’ve replaced the jockey wheels two months ago and the chain has cut through the metal plate of the derailleur. During a race today it happened again and damaged the whole derailleur and hanger, so I’m now in need of a new rear derailleur however at the moment I don’t have the cash to go buy brand new parts. Does anyone have an old 10 speed derailleur lying around after upgrading, if so please let me know and I can organize payment and postage fees. cheers
  3. Hi there. Last year I sold my bike aswell, was the same frame just a different colour but it had all custom parts on it, but pretty much the same specs that you’ve got here. I managed to sell it for R7500 so you should be able to get your R7000 for it, however it won’t usually sell that fast as not many people are buying 26inch anymore but try put it on gumtree and Facebook market place,I sold mine quite quickly on marketplace after having it on here for about a month. Expect a few scammers though, I had three scammers contact me for my bike so just be weary especially on market place. Cheers
  4. How do I post pics on here from a phone ?
  5. We have got a cage around the engine like on the beach buggy’s but I can imagine putting a bike rack on the cage would work as the exhausts would melt the tires.
  6. Hi guys. I need some help/ some ideas about a bike rack or the best way to transport my bike. My dad and I recently rebuilt a beetle and made it into a Baja big for my first car, but now the problem is I have no idea how to mount a bike rack anywhere or what would be the best way to transport it. Any ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated. Cheers
  7. Ok thanks so much, I’ll have a look at Leigh’s cycle centre that’s closer.Thank you
  8. Hi guys. I’m based in kloof KZN, we use to have a concept cyclery store here in waterfall but that closed down a while ago. Where else in the Durban area are there bike shops that stock Specialized stuff ?
  9. To be honest I’m no expert on riding glasses and don’t own any Oakley so I can’t really compare the quality, but so far they are working really well. The lenses work well and they have quite a firm and comfy fit. They aren’t polarized I think they just have uv protection up to uv400 if I’m not mistaken. I would recommend them as they are a lot cheaper than all the other crazy prices and I feel for R700 you get exactly what you pay for.
  10. Hi guys Just wanting to find out if there are any groups that cycle at shongweni on Saturdays ? My dad and I cycle there every weekend but would be nice to cycle with a few other guys and learn some new routes. Cheers
  11. Howzit man.Do you by any chance still have these cleats lying around ? Definitely keen to organize something. You can contact me on the same phone number if you are still willing to sell them. Cheers
  12. If anyone has an old pair of crank brother cleats, I would highly appreciate it, I want to try a set of eggbeater peddles out but don’t want to pay R500 incase I don’t like them. Will be willing to pay for a secondhand set though.
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