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  1. And the fact that the even the Windies play more test cricket than us (i need to pull stats to back this statement up but thats the way it feels) I completely agree that QdK was overburdened with the captaincy. Your point is well proven @Shebeen The last guy that i can recall that captained, kept wicket and batted in the top 5 was Alec Stewart, and even he struggled. Qdk should not bat higher than 5 in my opinion, but his stats certainly seem to prove that he is far more successful at 6/7. Here’s hoping the Kiwis can put one over the Indians in the WTC final! Come on you
  2. logging onto the Hub the last 2 days feels a bit like walking down the main road in Pofadder... oewiehoewiehoooo, pow wow wow... cue rolling bush...
  3. PS. If it wasnt for Autodesk software being so dependant on an internet connection, the wifi router could have been left out of my estimation. But then again i wouldnt be able to listen to sport while working!
  4. Thanks Karma, Frosty and ChrisF, my first goal is to keep my house lights on and keep my home office running. Thats one wall plug powering my laptop and screen. No printers or anything else. Most of the house lights have been replaced with LED downlighters and the outside lights have also been replaced with LED’s. I would prefer to keep the outside lights on because of security reasons. Oh and the wifi router. My db is in the garage so thats one less issue to deal with. My house is only about 130m2 so its not too big. I dont need more than the aforementioned to be able to work. If its hot
  5. Another missed opportunity for Markram… Elgar getting out in the usual fashion, goodness he’s not the prettiest batsman but he makes up for it most times by sheer grit and determination. We have a long tail, but thats comparing it to our side from 2009-2013 so anything will pale in comparison i guess.
  6. Sorry to hear! Im just glad we dont get mambas here in the WC! Those things are scary!
  7. I didnt have my phone on me. I was way too flustered to think about pictjas anyway 🤣
  8. Any reputable company in the WC that anyone can recommend? Asseblief???
  9. Guys i need help with this. Im no sparky. I cant work like this (i work from home). If i understand correctly, get that kodak inverter, some batteries, possibly connect some solar panels if my budget allows and then get a sparky to connect it all up? I dont need major appliances to run off grid, but if its feasible why not?
  10. mmm ja probably, I mean how many times do you see people paying cover charge to go in to a nice larnie nightclub just to cause crapola and get thrown out... still, applications to be accompanied by certified copies of your ID, if you cause k@k, you get blocked permanently... I guess I better start behaving then.
  11. T20 was formally introduced during my first season in the UK. My first thought was, this is exactly like the weekday league we played in, sometimes referred to as Pub Cricket - the format was 16 8-ball overs. as a "pro" i was obliged to play midweek cricket, but I kept wicket and opened the batting - I am NOT a keeper, I opened the bowling on the weekends, but because the Pub League was played mostly on cement pitches AND because our keeper was HORSE crap, I said I would keep wicket - bowling on cement wickets caused all of my injuries in my career so I tried to avoid it as much as possible.
  12. if Chit Chat/NCR/Off-topic was only available to premium members, I would happily pay to have somewhere to come for some banter.
  13. The laaitie walked over a snake yesterday, next to a little stream close to Bottelary Road. I only saw the bastard thing as Quintus went past, lying there flicking his tongue... i did crap my short pant twice! I think it was a mole snake, dark brown, smallish head, long thin body semi stretched out in the afternoon sun. I can only assume it to have been a mole snake because if it was a cobra things probably would have been different. Im just so relieved nothing happened, but hell it freaked me out!
  14. But i have a roadbike and a mtb. Does it mean im bi? 😳
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