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  1. That must have been quite a ride. Just came down for 3 weeks leave... I will change my status now!!!!
  2. WRONG on your "national road" statement above ...... this is a misconception fueled by ignorance. You may ride on any expressway or any road not demarcated with a centre island unless prohibited by signage wheter it is a national road or not. You may however NOT ride on a freeway, whether it is a National Road or not. Search the Hub, the definitions for these roads have been given many times before. Thanks for the clarifications BigH but I will let my ignorance in detemining what a national road is keep me alive.
  3. Cat-I...good post.. rather than pointing the blame, start with addressing the our own faults first! On sunday I rode with a group that preached safety, single file, stop at robots, blah blah blah...as soon as we got to the chapmans peak area they were having to much fun on the downhills to be bothered with stopping at stop streets and I could really see the residents getting pissed off. When I forced part of the bunch to stop and let a car through they looked at me as if I was mad.. sometimes we are our own worst enemies!!!
  4. Did an search but no mention on an organised hub pre-Argus Saturday ride. Has anyone arranged anything yet?
  5. hahahaha..... I need to get one of those
  6. 3rd Argus START GROUP is: R starting at 07:13..... Going to struggle this year though being a foreigner like Sammajoor and all... I haven't been on a bike in 5 months. Oiltrash2010-01-21 11:22:40
  7. Tjokkits... I think his issue is that he does not expect that type of behavior from MTB'ers, they should know better..(BTW I am a roadie )
  8. Nooit... did I miss a biggy...Sh!te!!!!
  9. Every one gets use to the road habits were you live, as soon we go to another province were things are not as per our "comfort zone" we start criticising.. human nature
  10. and it looks like the lane is busy splitting into 2.
  11. Are you?? Are you?? cmon out the closet!!! .
  12. Jees guys... rattles from saddle bags on road bikes? get decent saddle bags or mount them properly. The only way you should have a rattle from a saddle bag on you road bike is if you have nothing but 2 small spanners in a empty saddle bag.
  13. HUH.... I am having De Ja Vu.....
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