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  1. http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/assos-tneo-pros7-bib-shorts Size L Please in Black
  2. Best socks: DeFeet, especially Aerator model. Surprising quality and feel: Fox Enduro socks.
  3. I ride with this in my jersey pocket: http://www.outdoorstuff.co.za/index.php/ods_en/piexon-guardian-angel-ii-disposable-pepper-spray-pistol.html
  4. You guys on 29ers? Then you are are strong. I have a 30T. Did Houw Hoek Tour no problem.
  5. Does one access the starting area from the R45 or the R301?
  6. You may think its your pedals. But it is your headset...
  7. Check out Greyton Tour and Houw Hoek Tour, best value. Organised by same guys who do W2W.
  8. Is there any spot in the Cape Town - Stellenbosch area where we can drop off such kit?
  9. I also had problems with numbness, etc. and tried many saddles, including Spez. Ultimately, settled (sic) on Selle SMP 209, bought from CRC. However, I also found that the angle of the saddle can make a big difference - I run mine slightly nose down.
  10. A few years ago I also noticed this on a new bike. My lbs put an enquiry to Shimano, who confirmed that this is indeed designed as such. The slight wobble assists in throwing off the chain when shifting gears. To confirm: go ride your bike.
  11. Listen to Johann Bornman: clean the seal on the freewheel hub. Mine did the same.
  12. Also did this event and found it tough. Excellent route and scenery, but that last part too rough for me
  13. Guys, just note that "pavement" may also refer to a road surface. So what was the question again?
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