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  1. Wife is already giving me that look about the money that goes into cycling. A trip down to the Cape from Centurion is not going to go down well
  2. Good morning! Does anyone have recommendations for someone like Irma up in Gauteng?
  3. So after breaking my leg while riding by myself last year, I thought it would be a good idea to join a group when I get back on the bike. Any recommendations for club/group to join? Obviously I've googled, but I'd prefer to hear from people who actually ride in the groups.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback!! Rob's seems to be quite close to me, so will go there.
  5. Finally got back on the bike again yesterday, only to realise that my bike is in need of a good service. When I was still living in Cape Town, a friend recommended a little workshop that always gave good service and great advice, not wanting to make a quick buck by trying to convince you to buy the most expensive component on the shelf. Can anyone recommend a similar type of LBS/workshop in Centurion / Pretoria giving the same kind of service?
  6. Ok... FIXIE... So no one knows the inked owner?
  7. I popped in at the Tattoo expo in CT this weekend. There were two SS bikes parked at the entrance of the venue. The one was white & red. Anyone on the Hub know the owner?
  8. Most governments... and corporate companies
  9. It only takes 2 or 3 ignorant cyclists who INSIST on cycling next to each other, on a public road where they hold up traffic, to give the rest of us a bad name.
  10. That was a random combination of pictures [edit] And then you changed it... now my comment seems random
  11. I'm too scared to weigh myself! Guess I have to do it sometime though!!
  12. I've got the Rocket Ron & Racing Ralph combo on my full sus bike. Works for me. But as mentioned in the other replies, it's horses for courses. The choice of tyres will be determined by your riding style, when & where you are going to ride.
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