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  1. Works like a charm for me, and this is working with tiny little screws with remote controlled cars who are notorious for getting stripped screws due to the abuse they take on the track. The trick is to get a disc small enough you can do this by grinding down your discs on something like a brick before making an incision so as not to spoil the cleat.
  2. Whaaaat? Jeez no, just use a a small, round cutting disc like the little ones you get for Dremmels to make you own flat cut into the screw, then use a normal flat head screwdriver to unscrew it normally
  3. If you wanna try an awesome quirky survival game that reminds me a little of Ultima Online, head onto Steam and search for "Don't Starve"
  4. Fair enough, but my first and only experience with them booking an overseas holiday turned into a nightmare, and let's not mention trying to get a hold of them or get a refund. There was also a thread on the hub earlier about a Pyro Lights Groupon deal that went t*ts-up, hence my reason to always caution others when dealing with them
  5. Friend had a Drift, worked pretty well, although some features were sub-par compared to the Go-Pro and Contour, not sure about the latest ones. But the most important thing is, DON'T USE GROUPON! If you don't believe me, visit Hello Peter and check out the complaints, I am a concerned citizen
  6. They say when you get good you'll land both wheels at the same time, and when you get REALLY good you'll land a little more front wheel first Your fork generally has more travel than what the shock has so it makes sense, but landing a 1.7m dropoff onto flat concrete does sound a bit heavy for a standard full suspension bike!
  7. Looks to me like that spoke was kicked inward
  8. Nope! Weird that he suggested it, just let the leg heal for a week and then start using it asap
  9. Nice Some pointers from my experience 1) Don't try cram all the info panels on 1 page, it's too small to read at a glance, have a main page with speed,distance and heart rate (Or whatever), put all the other crap on the next page. 2) Use the auto-stop start feature. Nothing worse than forgetting to start it and losing out a huge portion of your ride. 3) You can quickly swap out info panels by pushing and holding on one of them, then selecting new info field. eg. You want you speed to be replaced by distance, touch the screen to wake it up, push and hold the speed panel, then swap it to distance I'm sure there's loads more but those were important for me. Oh yes, and when you done riding, take your heart rate strap off! The sweat closes the circuit and the heart rate strap continues to transmit info, you can save days of battery life by not being lazy and taking it off as soon as you are done riding
  10. Vodacom does the same thing, had R50 prepaid on my emergency bike phone, the other day it's not working anymore! Don't think it was 1 month, but they do deactivate it after a while of being dormant!
  11. Who's complaining about the price of those Garmin maps NOW!?
  12. Not 100% sure what your specific problem is, but I know I had some drama running the file, it would freeze at some point during the install. You have to UNZIP the file with the orange upside down triangle and then run the files from within there?! Other than that I can't help
  13. Cool, don't forget to save your unlock code etc, you may need it again in future if you reformat you PC or whatnot
  14. Yup it's a big layout the first time to buy maps, but I think the updates are R350 which isn't too bad, but I doubt I will be updated mine frequently as I mostly do MTB. The Garmaps are a huge improvement over the base maps as you get all roads and points of interest, accomodation etc like you would in your car's unit. Maybe you should get Birdseye first and if you find you need to navigate to lodges and points of interest, get the Garmaps afterwards. It's handy but I haven't done much exploring or found huge use for them since I bought mine ages ago
  15. Unit comes, like you say with standard base maps, only showing major roads, so you will need to purchase your mapset. You have 2 flavours that I know of, Garmaps, and Tracks 4 Africa. T4A is rumoured to be more detailed for offroad excursions. I myself have gotten Garmin's Topo and Rec maps. http://www.garmap.co.za/ I just felt it's a Garmin unit, stick to Garmaps. They are very detailed with roads and pitstops and points of interest. There are a few software downloads you will need, like Basecamp and MapInstall, you will most likely come across the links once you have purchased and downloaded your Topo and Rec Garmaps. You then pair the maps with your device and can copy them onto the Edge 800, you may need a micro SD memory card if the unit doesn't come with it. On top of that you can download Garmin Birdseye maps for a (Roughly) R200 yearly license. This is like having google satellite photos overlaid on your basemaps or Garmaps. You pick a region you want, and it downloads a JPG and pops it on your GPS, when you ride there, you can see the trails and trees/buildings etc. Pretty neat if you are exploring. Basecamp is very important to get everything to talk to one another, as well as loading or creating your own routes and waypoints. Hope that helped
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