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  1. Haha, Hadn't seen that yet. Actually sent that a few weeks ago.
  2. Yeah, Its essentially that, just a larger diameter.
  3. I have a Trek with their stupid knock block headset. If you don't know what this is, your headset only has limited rotation to prevent the fork hitting the frame. Your headset is keyed to your stem via special spacers that lock the top race of the headset to the fork. If you want to run a non knock block compatible stem you need a special adapter which is essentially a collar that replaces one of your spacers and has the correct slots to key into the headset. When I enquired about the price of this adapter I was told, with a straight face, its R750 sir. There is no way Im paying that. I found an old BBB seat collar with a internal diameter of 28.6mm, the same as a steerer tube and spent 45 minutes with a file. Voila, DIY Knock block adapter.
  4. Quite a few things: 2 different seal press tools for my forks Custom valve caps Shimano pedal service tool Handlebar end caps Banana holder that bolts to the water bottle bosses. Hanging tool to dry out my camelbak bladder
  5. As a teenager in the 90 I desperately wanted of these. I think was called the side winder.
  6. Check the seat post clamp on the frame. If its too tight it can compress the bushing inside the post making it stick. Ive made this mistake in the past.
  7. This was popular in 90/early 2000s but haven't seen it in many years. I generally service my own bikes but every now and again I take them in to get something done. I think if I saw a sticker Id ask for a discount in lei of advertising fees.
  8. Thanks. Its actually a 2018. I got bored of the original black color so stripped it down to bare metal and polished it up with updated decals. Ive also upgraded a few parts.
  9. You can but its hard work. I used brasso many years ago on a previous bike. Autosol is so much better.
  10. I did this to my Trek Roscoe about 8 months ago. Used the Duram paint stripper mentioned above and autosol polish. All in it was about 16 hours of labour. Definitely worth it. Before and after pics, with a few components changes.
  11. Radial lacing was pretty common on the front in the late 90 when we used rim brakes. With rim brakes the spokes feel very little of the braking forces. With discs, its a different story, they feel all of it. That is definitely not safe.
  12. I see their stuff is specced on a few Signal bikes but Id be curious to know if spares are available in SA.
  13. When I was a teenager one of my buddies bought an Okuma with full STX groupset. I think even the headset which is a place most bike companies skimp. That bike was pretty sweet and definitely not a Game/Makro bike. Think this was around 1996.
  14. Based on how much seat post you have exposed I would say the bike is too big for you and you sell to me. Seriously though unless you find a collector or person who will appreciate it for what it is you are not gonna get much. If you dont need the money I would definitely keep it. 90's Konas will always be timeless classics.
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