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  1. which ones does that? I am only aware of one strapless hr monitor watch...
  2. bastards! good on you for fighting back .. these @$%#$% must realise we will not sit idly by and get robbed blind. where did this happen?
  3. nice to hear a logical voice - tankman.. most people on this forum either reply with a stupid remark trying very hard to be funny OR like this thread immediately goes on the attack or to prove the person is at fault... chrigelschiess - crime sucks and cash crusaders probably ripped the crim off for the bike and gave him like r50 whilst selling it for 10x the price
  4. dunno how to rename the title... guy was next to chilli lane. designated spots were too full... was before race. any case, point being is headsup - criminals are aware that bicycles are expensive and will take full advantage in a congested / overcrowded event where getting away is easy.
  5. thank you flyluis... but beware the detective brigade. prozac, said friend stopped close to a shopping centre which name I can't remember, was very busy with a lot of 94.7 goers about. 4 okes approached him, one with a knife behind his back.. jacked him while he was getting out of his car and then they ran in opposite directions. did not get hurt except for a smack in the face and lost cellphone, money etc... also no support from saps
  6. sheez guys, so one of my friends got mugged. hard FACT. you want his name, id number and colour of underpants??? just a friggen question - has anyone else heard about people being mugged?
  7. who have been mugged at 94.7? seems that there were some issues..
  8. We have the small 2.5k type machines, first breville and now a russel hobbs.. all these machines are probably manufactured in the same shop. dial in the middel, wand on the right - alot of the components are inter changable etc and they all SUCK - not enough umphf to extract a proper expresso, milk frother thingy is just a sjlep so is it worth it to get something like this http://www.sprada.co.za/viewproducts.php?slug=smart-coffee-machine or is it just another glorified russel hobbs machine that will last 1 year and 1 day
  9. jip, or cyclejunkies in the main shopping center where the spar is...
  10. ps: I don't think zim for the win is a decent hacker... looks like a kid with an agenda got hold of the app called "low orbit ray cannon" ... only dos attacks...
  11. youtube is blocked at work, ill google a bit later. but you can try searching for anonymous "we are legion" documentary
  12. you should watch the documentary on anonymous. available on piratebay and the likes. very interesting stuff, especially how it started
  13. SAM, I missed the whole getting angry bit, but after dealing with ortho's and physio I can fully understand and relate to being mad, being held in the dark etc.. upon my questions about cycling, running and boxing after knee surgery, I got a no. after asking about pain when I crouch I got told " you can walk, you are fine" so yes, foul language and ill tempers are in the order of the day. I had a torn acl, repaired meniscus and bruised femur. op to repair meniscus was done in nov, no more acl no recon. I can cycle fine and even started jogging again (against dr's orders but it works for me - just have to deal with other muscles that over compensates). I did a lot of research and found many information about people who went back to jogging after full knee replacements. So I really don't think cycling would be an issue. points of interest Sports science institute is probably your best bet (also, when going to a phsyio - look for one that specializes in sports otherwise you are going to waste you time) take it easy with the recovery, start slowly and very gently build yourself back... aim for 9 months recovery time start with physio as soon as possible. the last point, I think makes the major difference, and is why I like ssi in cape town. traditionally dr's will keep you in a brace with restricted or no movement for 6 weeks. in these 6 weeks your knee will do alot of healing but you will also grow stiff and have no flexibility as well as a wasted quad muscle. (not sure if it will go exactly the same ) with SSI you go in and out on the same day and start with rehab the very next day. I think that counters the issue mentioned above and helps plenty with retaining flexibility and muscle structure.
  14. Our springer had her bday yesterday, spoilt her with a bone..
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