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  1. I thought they got rid of Wayne years ago???
  2. It may be even more fun if you have been immersed, to be honest. to have some confirmation that what we were seeing (and suspecting), might actually have been true. I rememebr some of the races he speaks of vividly, especially some of the earlier ones when they were first starting out with USP, and many questions are being answered satisfactorily. For me the biggest stamp of approval the accuracy of the book has, so far, is that I haven't heard of a single one of the named people in the book trying to sue Hamilton or Coyle, or try to have the book stopped - remember LA has done this before with Walsh. That he is not doing so this time, speaks volumes. Or maybe he has just given up...
  3. Oh dear Who decided to bring the facts to this party??? Good response.
  4. Spoon made out of Gallium. http://www.disappearingspoons.com/
  5. Government would be a joyride compared to the hub.
  6. Yup, he is at his best in this Vuelta, this is my earlier statement I was talking about, that got shot down. I don't think he was riding below his best possible level at that time, and I don't think he is now. His attack and success today proves I was right in my assessment in the quote above, methinks. Unless you are misunderstanding what I was trying to say then?
  7. Not quite - I think I said we were seeing 'Berto at his best, and was shot down. Doesn't seem like such a silly statement now, does it? But then, what do I know about cycling.
  8. His time trial was a little out of form? Actually, quite a lot out of form. Hid climbing I buy - even though I didn't expect him to ride as well on the long climbs, motivation must be pretty high right now. The TT, quite a big jump in improvmement in his worst discipline...
  9. Unless he starts eating meat again, I think this is a fair reflection of his best form. Purito worries me. Maybe he has been eating 'Berto's share.
  10. Well, that proved it was a justified inclusion into the final. Very proud. Arnaud Malherbe agrees that the appeal should never have been upheld, and he has raced this event, at this level. Which is probably why he is not on the hub
  11. Just as well, without the Huisgenoot moments, the Olympics would be worthless.
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