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  1. No wizzing through and grabbing a bottle I'm afraid. Maybe a cup of water/Powerade or a sachet of water. But if you need a bottle you are going to have to stop and have yours filled up.
  2. That is very nice.. Wish I could get a new one now.
  3. I would buy them.. Currently have the white Keo's on. Remember if you are not fast enough to go over the line first you might as well look good when crossing the line last!!! Sabre4842009-12-14 00:29:17
  4. Cyclenut is always a pleasure to deal with..
  5. I dont know...Somehow the white just doesnt work for me..
  6. I just had to shed a tear.. How could someone be so ruthless to such a beautiful work of art
  7. Ek dog die arme fiets het 'n lang pynvolle dood gesterf.. Dis baie cool...
  8. I like the Hulk bike...It looks sweeeeet
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