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  1. Hi, My Garmin 920xt battery life is shot. The device can be opened with a hex screwdriver. Would be interested in hearing from anyone that’s changed a Garmin battery themselves. Has anyone attempted a battery change, and if so, which battery did you buy (see below) and from where? Do Garmin sell the batteries and if so for how much? I’ve looked at YouTube videos and there are a few that have changed the battery, which is attached to the back casing. Can import the battery with the casing -cost is under USD15 but the shipping is USD99, if anyone interested in a group order to bring pricing down let me know. Takealot has 920xt batteries for about R400, but (1) the connection is different to the ones shown in the YouTube videos and the ones that come with the back cover, (2) they don’t include the back cover, and (3) a video by Triathlon Taren indicates that the battery that’s attached to the back cover is malleable and can’t be removed from the cover easily. Has anyone bought these batteries from Takealot and how easy was it to change?
  2. Thread hijack… anyone replaced a battery on a 920xt themselves? There are replacement batteries for sale on takealot, but on aliexpress the replacement battery is attached to the back cover (bought as one piece) and the battery connectors for the two appear to be different
  3. Hanging flat on the wall would be first prize. Can’t seem to find him. Do you have a name?
  4. There was a company in Europe that manufactured a towball that could be mounted directly to a wall for the purpose of storing bike racks, but they didnt ship to SA. Do you know where to get a wall mounted towball, or if you have pics of how to mount a towball meant for a vehicle to the wall would appreciate it.
  5. Availability of spare parts is a factor to consider. A few friends bought four-bike bike racks from boatssa.co.za. On two of the three racks the footer that holds the bike wheel to the racks has come loose and detached while the bikes were on the racks (on one rack multiple footers on a single trip). Tried getting hold of the BoatsSA on numerous occasions via telephone and website to buy new footers and never got a reply - very different to the good service prior to the sale.
  6. Got a 920XT, is a few years old. Battery doesn’t last more than 5 hours. What’s interesting is that I noticed the battery life decline substantially after a software upgrade. Not sure if this is built into upgrades, or is coincidental.
  7. Have a Thule 3 bike rack. As ChrisF said, the bikes load close to each other making it difficult to load bikes next to each other without them touching. Helps if you have dropper posts so handle bars of one bike doesn’t touch the saddles of others. And if you add a fourth, there’s even less space between bikes 3 and 4. In addition each arm attaches to a part of the rack closest to the vehicle, so you sometimes have to thread the arm through bike frames and attach to parts of the bike frame you wouldn’t expect to (esp true with mtbs) - I usually have load a medium, small and a kids mtb, or the medium and two smalls. I am considering selling the Thule for a rack that has more space between bikes.
  8. Anyone know if BCC is open to ride? Or when it will open?
  9. Report the fraud to your bank as well after you get the case number from the police. Banks also look out for these fraudulent companies and do block accounts.
  10. Been reading and viewing so many reviews, all very complimentary and so few criticisms. And this is the only modern vehicle I can think of that makes white steel wheels look cool - love it!
  11. Thoughts on the new Defender?
  12. Magazinelib.com can download a selection of magazines in pdf from around the world for free
  13. How safe is it when adding the paraffin to the wax if doing this on a gas stove?
  14. Very sad. A really nice guy. Always did a solid job and went the extra mile. RIP
  15. Doesn't Apple offer a discount to students on presentation of confirmation that the person is a student (letter from school, student card, etc.)? I know they used to do this in South Africa - may be worth investigating
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