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  1. If someone offers me x-30% cash today I usually say x+30% cash later in the week... lol
  2. I don't enjoy the bargaining system. If everyone just bought into listing prices that they thought were fair and lowering them as they saw fit it would be so much nicer than getting offered 50% or less of what you are asking constantly, even on ads where you say non-negotiable. Instead I find I inflate my price to account for the lowballers so they feel like they got a good deal. It's easier to just buy into it than fight it. I'd like to be able to list something for X, because it is worth X to me, and for anything less I would rather hang onto it or wait for someone who sees the same value. I reckon on average this would result in lower prices for everyone and more sales.
  3. This looks amazing!!!!! I am heading up on the gravel bike tomorrow am
  4. Isn't that the Atlantis place with those big dunes?
  5. J&J July 13th, symptoms 23 August, the day after doing a 6h ride (my gf had it and I suspect this pushed my immune system over the edge)
  6. 1 week of cold-like symptoms, 1 week of tiredness, started riding IDT on low watts after 14 days, first outdoor ride on day 20 (3h20) where power was about 10% lower for same hr (I suspect this was due to being very well rested and less fit, hoping it is not recurring feature), now I have done about 6h so far this week and hr seems to be stabilizing a bit. I am a student with no comorbidities though. I managed to get the vaccine early (J&J) because I coach sport. The worst part by far has been the anxiety of whether I will recover smoothly and be able to be better than I was before.
  7. I know a guy who was vaccinated a month before he got COVID (that guy is me...)
  8. I really want to hear more about the Ace-Simba conspiracy. I suspect Wade may have gone into hiding now though.
  9. Super interesting to scroll down and see how the composition of the team has shifted.
  10. And how could I forget @Nico van Loggerenberg's thread!?
  11. YEEES, some suggestions include references to Simba's participation in the Epic thread, as well as Freesoul's Sworks debacle as a bonus paragraph or five. I look forward to seeing your work @DonatelloOnPinarello
  12. Lakka, great minds think alike (and small minds seldom differ) haha!
  13. Are lions always naked or always dressed?
  14. Ya I haven't done any deals with @ACE Cycles but he seems like a genuinely nice guy from my conversations on Whatsapp with him.
  15. I do like the Bikehub pay system but 3% of R125 000 is R3750 and that is a lot of money! It would be lekker if the pay function topped out a bit lower IMO. You guys also seem to be going on like the marketplace could not have functioned before pay but I don't think there were that many instances of big scams... Maybe I am wrong, I am new here anyway (and a bit slow)
  16. Personally I prefer to not look like a traffic cone or a parking attendant when I am out riding, much to my gf's dad's disapproval as he is set on luminous kit.
  17. This is exactly the case where a small amount of creativity could result in something nicer imo. A nice Defender silhouette or line drawing from the side or front would be marginally less cringe
  18. It's a M, but the fabric is quite stetchy, so I am not sure of it's boep-holding capabilities and I am in the fortunate position of never having needed to test this.
  19. This thread just makes me wonder why no one wants to take the EPIC jersey I acquired (without having done the event) off my hands... Maybe if it had the big S on it I would have more success.
  20. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/indoor-trainers-and-accessories/498954/wahoo-kickr-core Sometimes we need a comments section just so we can ask the full story... Brand new unopened Kickr Core for R12 000 (about R3000 less than retail)
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