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  1. Thanks Gen. Tried getting in contact with someone else at momentum but still waiting for that call (not gonna happen) so appreciate the effort.
  2. Yes plz, that will be great. I dont mind the annual custody fee tbh. The advisor on more than one occasion mentioned no points if momentum is not the executor so would really be helpful if someone can confirm. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi hubbers. Got multiplier for free from work. Have been on diamond on vitality for many years so know the system well, mutiplier not so much. Based on research I realised i will need to add one more product to make it reallly worth it - already have one product with momentum. My Q - if I want to add a “will” through momentum and make my executor an external party - will I still get my points for my will or must I make momentum my executor in order to get points for it? Hooefully someone can clarify here. Thanks Regards
  4. Anyone out there that has tried the product yet that can share some comments? Or maybe already had a claim with this product, will be interesting to hear. Thanks.
  5. Hi hubbers, Is there anyone who has some experience with the Silverback Stratos SBC like the one they covered here: (https://community.bikehub.co.za/features/_/gear/insight/bike-check-jennie-stenerhags-silverback-stratos-sbc-r7815) Can't really find any reviews / videos on it on the web. If someone has ridden it, please let me know. Would like to know how you experienced the ride. Thanks
  6. Thanks for this! Gives me hope...have not yet cracked the sub3 target. Rode with my wife this year (her first one) so next year will be my goal. This post at least gives me stuff to think about and how to possibly approach. I also have a trainer so might finally do a training plan!
  7. Howzit guys, I am looking for a Racing Ray and Racing Ralphs (evo) in skinwall? Have anyone seen them at a shop?
  8. Hi hubbers, Attached is the flyer for the bike park. Phase 1 of the build has been completed with the help of Scholtz Trails. I know Morne on a personal level and he really is passionate about the project, but the project needs funding. If you have R20 to spare - please support this cause and come look for your self when you are Stellies next time. Here is the contact details of Morne should you want to get involved in any way: morne1vanrensburg@gmail.com and 0722353385. Thanks Krynauw TechnoPark Bike Park Project.pdf
  9. Quick question - avid zwift user here. Any idea where I can get those LCD tripod stands locally? Looking for something that can hold an LCD with height adjustment etc. They are common in all the US/UK zwift setups but can't seem to find any locally? Thanks for looking.
  10. I was hoping the device booster also counts towards Garmin Edge units. Clearly not.
  11. So I recently noticed that none of the Garmin cycling units on the Sportsmans Warehouse website contains the Vitality Icon on the picture anymore. I asked Discovery about this and apparently Garmin Cycling Units do not qualify for the healthy gear benefit anymore? Was this communicated somewhere? Somehow I clearly missed this vital piece of info. Attached is a response from Sportsmans themselves. Thx.
  12. Man, i am currently eyeing a stigmata. I am a mountain biker at heart. Always have been! Yet i do enjoy the odd road race (like argus - on a borrowed road bike every year). But i just cant get myself to buy a dedicated road bike. A cross bike i will ride more than just the odd road race since i can klap some gravel roads with the odd gravel race thrown in. I have seen builds coming in at 7.3kg! Crazy. Mine will prob be closer to 8kg but i am sure i will still manage to klap a sub 3 come argus time? (given correct gearing and tyre choice). What do you gravel donkeys think?
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