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  1. Any idea where I can get a Lyne 27.2mm dropper post for a hard tail?
  2. Signal Hill, last ride for the SR71 before the wx sets in
  3. Did a similar run to you yesterday Colin. Took the SR71 and the Urban out for a breath of sea air
  4. Eye think you past us on saturday. Where you part of the mob going up the wrong way to the masts?
  5. Early morning SR71 session to the 'cliff Joey's still throws pearlers
  6. Top of the 'cliff with the SR71 Joey's throws a few pearlers in winter
  7. I wont even purchase anything from them. I travel past 2 of their shops to go support a proper LBS, run by the chap that owns it. And if that's not possible, I'll go to either of the two Sportsmans Warehouse shops close to the 2 Cajee's instead (Alberton is one of them, I'd rather head off to the SW at the Glen)
  8. I'd be very surprised if they even serviced that rear shock. Probably cleaned it a tad and ripped you 1800 ronts for the wipe down.
  9. At that height get a large frame. Wheel size doesn't know how tall you are I'd go for the Titan... They have better resale values than the other brands you mentioned
  10. Being Swedish, I'd doubt they have the same theft problems we do. Hence no need for those hefty devices in their designs
  11. Maybe the seats a bit on the sharp side then?
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