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  1. Where are you based? And a 12k to 13k budet is around a 10k bike plus accessories and gear... #justsayin here's some idea's - https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/c/mountain-bikes?minimum_price=8000&maximum_price=13000&meta_size[is_multi_select]=true&meta_size[value]=M&meta_wheel_size[is_multi_select]=true&meta_wheel_size[value]=29" There's lots of valuable info on this topic on the hub, search around and you'll find some great info. Dont be scared of a 2nd hand deal either - you'll be ok to post your research here and the guru's can give you good pointers to a decent deal
  2. Happened on the weekend and already discussed on the hub News a bit slow to get to the cape?
  3. Hahahaa... Haggle. That infers that the buyer thinks he knows the price and the seller has total control, which means you still get shafted. They (shop owner) wouldn't do that if it wasn't a profitable means to business
  4. Dont get hoodwinked at cajees. They're vultures to the new folks of the cycling world. You'll feel you got a good bargain and one day will report about it here, only to find you've been shafted. Some good advice above from other posters, just ignore the cajees bits
  5. Yeah, I know, and the click bait ad revenue for this 427 pager is doing well too - probably some of the reason to not shut it down and create a comments/no comments Its a great thread though - should be pinned to the top of the forums as well as having comments on the ad's
  6. It'll never work. The guide will be as thick as the old school yellow pages and no-one in their right mind will read it if their heart is set on a purchase that tickles their fancy. Then, buyers will get the peevs if they make a bum purchase and get asked/told post bum purchase; "did you read the 400 page buyers guide". That'll open up a whole heap of manure thats not needed. Why dont you run a test phase - in a certain section of the classifieds only? Maybe run the comments in the, gosh I dunno, ... components section first. If it works and isnt taken out of context, then roll it out to other sections of the classifieds like the bikes or whatever is the fastest moving department. A simple classifieds comments section will be better and certainly easier to manage from the local hub police. You guys can then step in as bossmode if it gets out of hand - which I cant see happening much after the first month anyway as the chancers will get taken to the cleaners straight off the bat and it will set a precident going forward. Its much easier from a mod workload point of view imo
  7. Worries, I sent you a DM and a file
  8. Cut down to Rietvlei zoo, jump the road onto the dirt opposite the entrance and head over to the circus via the top of the breweries. From Circus, go via the back of Suikerbos reserve on the tar for a bit then hit the district dirt to the vaal dam. The DOC group does a ride from the rand waterworks to the pond (about 90km odd) and around 70km of it is on the dirt. I'll have to figure out how to share a trace with you - if I do I'll dm it to you
  9. Yes Greg, but to slow yourself down you must ride a dual sus bike
  10. I'm looking for a manual lock out tab thingy for a rock shock gold 30. I have the remote system but want to dump it to clear the cockpit clutter. We can trade if you find me one of them
  11. I have that type of derailleur that you need - with a shifter/cable (removed it off my XT edition Merida) I can confirm with you this evening to the exact part number and send you some pictures. DM me your number and I'll post you some pics later. If its the one you need, you can have it for mahala. I'll throw in the 2 chain rings I removed off the XT crankset as well. The parts are not new, but they were working perfectly when I changed to a 1x11
  12. 117

    947 Ride Joburg

    You get automatically relegated to the 25km mtb if you've entered this event. Not too sure for the road race though. I'll watch for replies as I'm in both events with the same position as you
  13. Chat to Richard at The Bicycle Workshop in the Lambton/Germiston area. He's an ex BMX racing nutt himself https://bicycleworkshop.co.za/contact/
  14. I've got those parts for you. It's off PD-M540 SPD pedals. The pedals are stuffed and rusted, but the parts you need are fine still. DM me and we can arrange for you to get them Yours for free
  15. I have 2 sets of shimano pedals at home that are U.S. I'll have a look at them this evening and see if that part you need is recoverable. If yes, its yours for mahala
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