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  1. To my mind the only upgrade is an XX1 cassette another XX1 chain and you’re good for 15 000km even the X01 cassettes are significantly more durable than the gx EDIT posted as you did - I see you have more reasons
  2. Morning haze over island lake - a sure sign summer is on the way here - we’ve had so much rain I think I need to do a proper clean of my steed
  3. No filters or fancy camera tricks, it just looks like this on the garden route after rain
  4. I ride the 7 passes between George and let’s say central Knysna - I don’t go past the township on my bike and I wouldn’t - it’s just asking for trouble From the lagoon to George on the top road is about as safe as anywhere can be - as far as the N2 Knysna to George, again safe from being accosted but riding a bicycle on a national highway in SA is just madness in my view - I see and know people who do it. I prefer to minimize my chances of being hit by 2 tons of metal doing 120km if you’re a roadie get wider tyres, drop the pressure and ride the 7 passes - probably half tar half gravel
  5. Edit wrong place but @Sid the Slothyou are missing some of the best part between Hoekwil and George
  6. 5 of the 7 passes - blue blue sky and green green greenery The garden route municipality busy making the gravel so smooth a roadbike would be fine
  7. The weak point in my gravel game, I can’t grow a manly beard or a flared tache but I have loads of bags I can mount and brown bar tape so no one notices my pubescent facial hair
  8. I’m a tough as nails gravel biker - top tube against the pole one day, pedals at the wrong angle the next day I don’t care about these things and focus on the important stuff like does my flannel match my socks and where do I get my flat white en route
  9. This day last week I was trying to remember how to use a 3 x 9 Today back on 1 x AXS, riding without so much as a thought of chain drop
  10. This was my exact experience - I took my friends wife on a tandem while he took his daughter - my experience was similar to yours except I saw a fantastic array of steel classical mostly from SA - we stopped for coffee, brunch and a beer and the goodwill and gratitude for being able to do this event was evident
  11. I have a Thule rack (and panniers and other bits) you are welcome to - will WhatsApp you when I can find pics - was given to me so happy to pay it forward
  12. gate of a thousand hills - somewhere along the 7 passes
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