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  1. Richie said after his recent win he has no illusions as to his job at the tour now just like to hear the 3 GT winners comments properly stacked tour this year, should be a cracker
  2. ganna puts on 8kgs healthily and decides to ride the argus Does he finish near the sharp end ? he’s on a normal bike not a bmx this guy wasn’t built for cycling and would be considered fat - 4cm taller than Froomey and in this pic 32kgs fatter
  3. I’m with you here - many people I respect on here have concluded that you have weight to lose without seeing you - one guy is about my height and weighs 67 - at 10 percent body fat I weighed at 85 - any less and I looked sick and was weaker I really would like to get back there but I definitely don’t want to have Chris froomes build lighter wheels will make you faster, fact. Fast enough not to be dropped b your xc mates ? Probably not it may be the best or even the wisest option given your bike and as per the numerous opinions here but it’s your money
  4. Cheaper options for weight loss - stem seatpost handlebars saddle sealant grips rotors - look around the hub and check out Rapide stuff vs yours
  5. This made my morning - I don’t care if you are doing the dirty kanza, your bike has a manbag I have some flannel shirts that no longer fit and I’ll scribble Rapha on them as a bonus
  6. The garden route makes photoshopping redundant afternoon spin
  7. I’ve put a laugh here - smash it I won’t - mash it and survive the cutoff smash it was what I thought I was doing up a hill here the other day when a boy so underdeveloped he looked like a pre teen girl whizzed passed me and said “dag oom” as he cruised out of sight while I was full gas
  8. If you want to make you bike superlight and bankrupt your family garbaruk.com schmolke.com Trickstuff.com Many wheel options but Aivee hubs should help lighten your bike and ensure poverty is permanent I wouldn’t do this to a non xc bike though Or get an ebike, cheaper than those parts and you’ll drop your mates up all hills
  9. Marking MVDP is like trying to isolate Pogacar, not easy - this new crop feel rocks when their teammates get dropped. They just adapt and win anyway i just love the pressure and drama of the tour - The giro is great and maybe my favourite but the Le Tour is pure theatre
  10. The pass is a tough climb and I’ve done it both ways a few times - for a not so light guy I climb ok as I have no option where I live but to up my climbing game - what scares me is doing this monster with 140 odd km in my legs - I go over 100km only a few times a year and generally on a road bike which is faster so this is going to be a test - I plan to ride a 100km once a week from this weekend leading up to around the pot 24th of July which will be my first 100 miler I am capable of 10 hours in the saddle I’ve discovered this year and I can ride 100km 3 days in a row at a non race pace
  11. I don’t like to call what I do training but I’m doing the swartberg grand fondo in august and have been riding up a lot of hills lately this hill is 10km from my house and I have serious concerns about my ability to ride swartberg pass with 142km under the belt
  12. I wonder if you can properly ride in them though - I got some fancy looking sneakers and after 20km my feet hurt like hell As a now fully committed gravel biker it’s important I look as far removed from Lycra as possible (which I hide below my checked shirts and shorts these adidas would really complete my look and maybe get back some cred my lack of beard is costing having realised I can’t be fast, I’m focused on being cool some of that wasn’t serious but I would really love a comfy but cool looking set of shoes
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